Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whoa, Its a Website....

I got a call last night from a guy I emailed a couple of times online.  I wasn’t getting very warm and fuzzy feelings from his emails as most of them were only a couple of words to a couple of lines.  I try my best to keep the email exchange with anyone to a minimum so I gave him my number and told him to call. 

I hadn’t heard from him but frankly barely thought about it since he wasn’t someone I was completely dying to meet…but someone who seemed like he could be interesting…maybe.  Well, the other day I get an email from him asking for my number again because he deleted his entire inbox and never wrote it down.  Innocent mistake or is he an idiot?

Last night he texted me to see if he could call.  Ok seriously?  Do guys actually do that?  Why not just call and then you’ll know whether or not I’m available.  I understand it’s a little “safer” to text and get the go-ahead but come on, be an adult.

Anyway, the entire conversation was laced with statements like “ooohhhh shit”…and I swear he sounded like he was stoned.  He probably wasn’t but that’s the best way to describe the way he spoke…I just don’t think he’s very smart.  For instance he asked what I did so I tell him and he says “oh so did you like go to college and shit?”  Yes, I did go to college and shit…you don’t become an engineer by having a cute smile.  And his reply “ooohhhh shit, so you must be like real smart.”  Oh boy, yeah compared to some I suppose I am (I didn’t actually say this but really wish I did).  And this is how the conversation continued.

He then starts telling me that he never knew okcupid was a full blown website.  What?  Yeah, he said he downloaded it on his Droid, which he says he can’t use very well because he’s not very good with technology, and always thought it was just an app on his phone.  I swear to God I wish I was kidding right now.  He told me he used to be an amateur boxer so perhaps he was hit too hard too many times but seriously…are you that fucking stupid??  Anyway, he said he came across it on his friends computer who also uses the site and is so happy because it makes seeing the site so much easier.  Wow, you fucking think so?  I eat veggies with a higher IQ than this guy.

Anyway, he said he really wants to take me out and would love to do some kickboxing training with me at his gym since he is a personal trainer.  That was the best part of the conversation.  A part of me would love to get some free one on one time with a trainer and it would definitely be the most unique first date but then I’m not too sure I can handle having another conversation with this guy.  What do you guys think?? 

First Date Potential???


  1. Wow, what a dumbass! Seriously! But like you said, it would be a cool interesting so I say take him up on his offer. Maybe he was just nervous talking to you on the phone for the first time...or maybe he really was stoned...? Who knows?

  2. I knew this was starting to remind me of another dating story and just checked to confirm - it was another one of yours! Called "He's dumber than he looks folks..." So I guess the question is: could you cope with another date like that? And if you do go, you have to ask him "If I worked from 8 till 8, how many hours would I do?"

  3. I'm thinking nooo... life is too short :)

  4. Is this a serious question? What's wrong with you women! No!


    Well, unless he's just a hot piece of man meat you're using for entertainment value. In that case, go ahead. Though women aren't as good (usually) at that sort of thing as men are, they still have 100% right to do it!

    Matt- good question.


  5. @Leah - cool experience yes but worth wanting a swift kick to the head to cope with the company...I'm not too sure. I unfortunately dont think he was actually stoned...he could have been nervous...but does being nervous make you stupid?

    @Matt - HAHAHA You win for best comment & best memory! I definitely thought about that date while I was on the phone with this guy. Even with his 8-8 comment I think the trainer may be worse then that guy, I'd be a little worried to pose the question to him. So ultimately, definitely couldn't deal.

    Lizzie - 100% right

    Caleb - No worries, I wasn't completely serious. Yes, a date where a guy would help train me with a little kickboxing would be pretty fucking cool I know I'd just be using him and I dont think I'd feel good about that. Yes he's hot but I don't think I want to start toying with someone.

    Oh and I just took a look back at his profile to see if there are any signs of "stupid" I might have missed and noticed something interesting...he has listed that he graduated from college meanwhile on the phone he said he didn't. That is why you take these profiles with a grain of salt.

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