Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Readers Made Me Do It..

In my effort to continue backtracking through January and catch you all up on everything that has been going on there is so much that continues to happen.  Obviously that’s expected because it’s not like I’m a hermit..but seriously life, slow the fuck down so I can catch up on my blog…please and thank you!  My poor little fingers can’t possibly type fast enough to get it all out in the speed at which I’d like and I’m all fucked up trying to decide where to BEGIN!!!!  Aaaahhhh

Deep breath!  

I’m experiencing so much excitement..but also severe cases of being overwhelmed, underwhelmed...surprised and charmed.  Yeah it’s a fucking mess.

But today, in an effort to boost my mood since I’ve been crazy sick for about a week (I finally got meds oh AND a shot in the ass…seriously, adults are not exempt from this so don’t fool yourself!) I’m going to give you a ollow up to the recent story Real Life in the ER

I think you will all be proud and happy to hear that I did in fact write to the ER doc.  I don’t know how I got the nerve up but my fingers started typing and the next thing I knew my fate was released out in cyberspace.

So what exactly say to someone you can barely say you met…who was treating you in an ER no less…almost three weeks ago.  This…

“This is completely random...but I was talking to a friend who works at [the hospital] the other day and mentioned I met this really cute, funny doc in the ER a few weeks ago and he seems to think it’s you... {Disclaimer…ok so I totally lied…yes, I did talk to my friend about him, however, who he is wasn’t exactly a mystery since his name was on my discharge papers…details…this sounded cooler and less stalkerish} on the off-chance he's right (not sure since your profile says you work at [a completely different hospital]) I figured I'd take a chance and write and say hi!

I completely awkwardly complimented your arm muscles and good veins (I'm so smooth!) - if thats rings a bell haha

So, I don't usually write FB messages to guys I meet in the ER but you made a pretty good impression so I figured...first time for everything! ;-)

Now how is that for a totally corny message?  Honestly, I’d say for a first time doing something like this, it wasn’t terrible.  I mean really, what can you possibly say?  “You’re hot and I want to have your babies”

As your seeing across many of the blogs out there, especially the ones of the daters, this is a year of being bold…taking chances… and putting yourself out there.  I would say something this crazy most definitely qualifies.

And now with the message sent I play the waiting game.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to sleep when you’re in a slight panic if you just made a huge fucking fool of yourself and some handsome doctor is now laughing at you???  Yeah, not easy.

I heard my phone at 1:30am and roll over in a half sleep to see what it was.  A friend request on FB….from the DOCTOR?!?!?!  I had to blink myself awake because it seemed crazy.  A few minutes later a message came through.  He actually wrote me back!!  I can’t get too excited because I have absolutely no idea what he said.  It could have just been a very polite rejection.  While the anticipation of knowing was nearly too much to handle I decided I’d fight it off and read the message in the morning.

And now for your viewing pleasure here is what he had to say…

Why thank you ,
I assume I am the same person because although I get compliments on my veins all the times it certainly does stick out when someone thinks I have muscles. {He has a sense of humor…that’s a plus} I AM no longer at [the hospital] and am going to start at [a different hospital] in a couple weeks, but I am occasionally in [your city] anyways because of the friends I have made along the way. 
Thank you though for all the compliments. I am actually a PA not a doctor and it is always appreciated when someone else appreciates the work we do. {seems to be somewhat modest…} I will be honest and I don't regularly remember the circumstances why my patients are at the ER, but I do hope you are feeling much better and that you weren’t there for for a terribly long time. {I guess he’s saying he doesn’t remember me? Which I expected.}

So what do you do in [your city]? Live there all your life?

I live in BK currently and besides hanging with the girl {THE GIRL!!!  Kiss of death…he has a girlfriend and managed to slip that in there so smoothly…damn it!!!!} I do fight choreography and special effects makeup/ costuming for fun on the side. Also as you can see I like to participate in interesting events in NYC such as the No Pants Subway Ride. 

Thank you again for the compliments and the thought. It made my day. {How sweet….}  Hope all is well with you and look forward to hearing from you.

Well there you go.  I will say that was a really sweet message to receive…even though the fact that he has a girlfriend kind of sucked.  I will say though that after checking out his entire facebook profile I realized, while he is sweet, cute and seems to have a great personality we have extremely different interests.  He is the comic con attending, costume wearing, theater geek type.  Now, I did shows my whole life so I totally dig the theater…however, comics…yikes, not my territory.  This guy is insanely talented and does some seriously amazing things with make up and costumes…I’m blown away really.  And as much as I love dressing up I just can’t imagine going to a comic convention at the frequency of which he seems to, I’d feel terribly out of place.  His girl seems to be into all that as well so they are definitely well matched.

Despite  having no potential for a date I feel fucking amazing.  I wrote…he wrote back…and wants to hear from me again.  I’m not sure if I will write him back or not because really, what do I have to say?  But this definitely gave me a huge boost of confidence and the balls to maybe do something like this again in the future.  And to all my blog friends out there who are taking chances and doing some crazy things…add this to your list!!  

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Real Life ER...

New Years day…always a fun one.  Between trying to nurse myself back to some functional state…helping to cook the massive amounts of food my Greek mother insists on preparing…and running around the house cleaning before my entire big Greek family arrives…I struggle trying to shake the aftermath of too much champagne, too little sleep and hours of dancing.  Lucky for me by the time the family storms the house I can pass for a sober, put-together individual.

When everyone had cleared out…at around 3am or so…I was in bed trying to go to sleep and I felt my heart begin to race.  This is something I’ve felt before and still haven’t explained.  Typically if I just sit up, relax and breath it eventually goes away.  This time, no such luck.  It started to get worse.  I felt my lips tingling, my hands and legs started shaking, my breath was getting short and it started to feel like I couldn’t swallow.  Wonderful, I’m going to fucking die…is all I could think of.  I went up to my parents and my mom tried to tell me to relax that it’s just anxiety.  But what do I have to be anxious about??!!?!?  I was just trying to go to sleep…beautiful, comfortable sleep….which I barely go any of the night before. 

Well, needless to say I told my Dad to take me to the ER.  I really didn’t want to die only 1 day into what I’m hoping will turn out to be an awesome year and 1 day before my birthday.  It would be too tragic.  Once we are there the woman at the front tells me I need to check in…I look her dead in the eye and say “You must be kidding me…I need a doctor….now!” through very short, shaky breath.  She apparently didn’t care and made me give her my ID anyway and then proceeded to ask me my birthday…ITS ON MY LICENSE YOU DUMB SHIT!  Sorry…stupid people piss me off.  Seriously though, why ask for an ID if you’re going to ask me the questions anyway…you work in a hospital…common sense is like a requirement on the application.

After my father and some kind stranger screamed at the woman to get me a doctor because I was clearly not doing well  they stuffed me in a wheel chair and brought me back.  There was a sea of faces around me.  Nurses, doctors, you name it.  My pulse was well over 150 which I hear is insane.  Oops.  Amongst all the chaos there was this young, cute face…thank god, something to focus on.  Turns out he was going to be the one to stick around and make sure I was ok.  He was a PA.

Even though I felt like death I couldn’t stop myself from flirting.  I didn’t even realize what I was doing until the words were out of my mouth and I must have been turning a million shades of red.  There was a nurse on my right who was going to put in an IV so she could take some blood (why do they ALWAYS have to do this?!) and he was to my left.  I was complaining about how I have terrible veins with the exception of one on my hand which pops out all on its own and how I suck as having blood drawn.  He tells me to just focus on him (like that’s hard) then he shows me his arms and veins that bulge out.   Let me tell you, I’m fascinated when the veins on a guys arm bulge out…it’s kind of hot…and I tell him just that.  Something along the lines of “Oh wow it’s so hot when that happens…I love when guys arms look like that”  Wow, really PYT?  Talk about word vomit.  That wasn’t the end of it though…I started talking to him about working out, his muscles, etc.  All the while thinking how ridiculous I must sound to the poor nurse witnessing all of this.

As I’m sure his job requires, he came to check on me a lot until I was well enough to go home (they think I was having an anxiety attack…what the hell).  Every time he stopped by there was so much flirting and I was eating it up.  Had my Dad not been hanging around so much I would have tried to play the game a little more…like make an offer to hang out, see if we had mutual friends (since I know a few people who work in the ER), something or anything except the patient-doctor “thanks for everything, feel better, blah blah blah” bullshit.

The Juicy Details:              I did a little facebook stalking searching the next day since I had his full name on the papers they give you in the ER.  He was just as cute as I remembered him in my hospital state and seemed to be right up my alley.  I asked my friend about him and he said he knew who he was and that he was single.  He promised to do some extra digging and throw my name in there but as it goes this friend is extremely unreliable so I never expected any of that to happen.  I wanted to write him a message but had no idea what to say.  A part of me still wants to….because really, what do I have to lose?  What do you all think?  Should I write the good doctor, er…PA?  And if so, what would I say?  “You did such an excellent job taking care of me, let me reciprocate with a beer.”  I have considered saying i saw him pop up under people you may know on FB and is he the guy I met in the ER a few weeks ago but that seems sooo cheesy.  Life is about taking chances…but this one may be too crazy.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kiss Me at Midnight...

16 days ago we all rang in a brand new year.  And for the first time since being out of college I was ringing it in alone.  Not actually alone in the sense that  I had no one to party with but alone as in single, unattached.  No date, no prospect, no predetermined midnight make out.  I was scared…no, wait maybe  a little terrified.  I know so many people who think New Years Eve is a big waste of time.  Too much hype for one event.  But can’t the same be said for so many things?  Not that I want to go there but look at a wedding for example…you plan, plan, plan and stress the fuck out all for a few hours that are over before you even have a chance to touch your salad.  Despite all that people still do it as people will always still do New Years.

I’ve always been part of the ‘I love NYE’ crowd.  There is something so exciting about it.  I’m not sure where I got this from or when exactly I started saying it but my mantra for NYE has become “how you are now will carry through with you through the year”  In other words if your angry, miserable and argumentative while ringing in the new year expect to find that carrying through the year  If you are excited, hopeful and happy then yep, better believe you’ll experience that through the year.  I know it seems silly but as I review all my NYE experiences since high school I think my theory holds some weight.  I know it was definitely the case back with dipshit when I would find him always being a piss ass baby on NYE.  We would get into little tiffs during the night and even though over all I’d call it a success the fact that he couldn’t even pull it the fuck together for one night and just be easy going and happy I always found it would resonate with us for the rest of the year.  And like clockwork, we’d be broken up by summer.  Call it coincidence but I think I’m onto something.

Well, I was so worried about this year because it would be different and I had no idea how I was going to handle it.  I was determined to have a good night and as the day approached I became more and more optimistic the evening was going to kick ass.  When I got a call from my college roomie Cheerbear saying that she and a friend were coming to NYC to join in my festivities I was ecstatic!!!  I hadn’t seen her in so long and getting to ring in the New  Year with her was going to be epic.

The evening was kicked off at Mama Mexico in NYC for some delicious food and pitcher after pitcher of sangria and a few margaritas for good measure.  Then we all headed over to the party.  We walked along the streets with stolen balloons in hand causing quite a scene.  This wasn’t going to be your typical apartment party.  There was beruit (beer pong to the rest of you…but they are two different games so I refuse to use the wrong term), a full bar which was completely stocked as well as a ton of food/dessert and excellent music.  There was even a disco ball in the middle of the room.  And the night progressed.

There was one guy there who I could honestly say was cute.  He would have been midnight kiss potential except for the fact that he’s hooked up with a fairly decent number of my friends in the past…no go.  So as the ball began to drop and we were all counting down Patches knew to come find me.  Three, two, one…and the kissing began.  I kissed Patches, Cheerbear and at least three of my other friends.  I rang in the New Year being a total lip slut…is this my fate for the rest of 2011?  I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Once the bubbly was popped and poured I took control of the extra bottles and became the official advocate of “Champagne to the Face”.  If you haven’t done it go out right now, (no I don’t give a shit if youre at work) buy a bottle of champagne and put it to your face and chug.  It’s fabulous, fun and delicious.  It makes you happy and it makes me happy to watch.  Now don’t you feel better? I know I do.

Fast forward to about 3am and we are getting ready to hit the bar.  While Cheerbear, her friend and I are in the cab I notice her starting to get upset.  Turns out her douchebag ex…who is even worse than my dipshit ex…was texting her (she blocked his number but he apparently got a new one and was using that to contact her…psycho!!!).  By the time we get out of the cab she’s in tears.  We head into the bathroom at the bar to help her pull it together when Cheerbear realizes her phone is now MIA.  So, now we’ve got tears and a missing phone…fuck.  As we scour the bar floor and the bathroom I begin to think the chance is she dropped it in the cab.  We head outside to check the street.  When we pretty much lost hope this adorable guy stumbles up to us…he takes one look at Cheerbear’s face and says with the biggest and brightest smile…”Why so sad?  Turn that frown upside down.”  To which none of us could stop from cracking up.  I immediately love this guy.  We proceed to explain that Cheerbear lost her phone and to top it off her ex was being an asshole.  To which he replies “Are you just telling me you lost your phone so I can ask you to give me your number to call it and see if anyone answers and then use it to call you this week to take you out for lunch??”  WHAT?  This guy is hilarious and totally what the doctor ordered at this point.  Cheerbear is smiling and laughing and things are looking up.

We tell him we’re heading back across the street to the bar and he should join us if he wants.  To which he replies “I’ll come but only if you three let me buy you a round of drinks.”  Um, done.  You don’t have to twist my arm buddy.  Once inside this guy is like a ray of sunshine.  Totally a social butterfly, totally a flirt and just all around totally a blast.  We find a table in the back and cue the dance party between sunshine and Cheerbear.  They are singing their hearts out and dancing like no one is watching.  Except I was and documented the whole thing.  Eventually our new friend had to leave but not before he not so discreetly scrambled off to the side to write an adorable message on a napkin for my Cheerbear.  He slipped it to her, said his goodbyes (I was so sad to see him go) and was off.  The note said “Call me for a fun lunch” with his name and number.  I really wish Cheerbear lived here so she could follow through with this.  Bummer.

While I may not have had any luck with the men on NYE seeing this guy get my Cheerbear to do a complete 180 with such ease, charm and such beautiful spirit was the perfect end to the night.  This is why I love NYE and I love NYC.  You don’t get experiences like this just anywhere.  If something so awesome and so random can happen on a street corner at almost 4am…call me crazy…but I have a lot of hope for this year.  2011 you’re already kicking ass and taking names!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Go Girl, Its Your Birthday!

Hope you all had a fabulous New Years!!!

Its finally happened...I have officially entered my LATE 20s.  I'm trying my best not to panic but its getting hard. Someone at work this morning asked exactly how old I was an I nearly choked while trying to get the answer out.


I don't feel old yet.  I do feel slightly petrified that now guys will look at me and be all "oh she's too old...lets go for the younger model".  Like with electronics...everyone wants whats hot and new on the shelves..pre-order the next big thing.  I mean, I think I could rock the shit out of the next big thing but will everyone else know that???  I don't even know what in the shit I'm saying...see, old age is already fucking with my mind and making me say stupid shit.

Perhaps I'd fare better comparing myself to wine, which as we all know gets so much more delicious with age.  I'll be so enjoyable there will be no need for a doggie bag...

And obviously with age comes class....

and I'm one classy bitch!!  Only after you've been around a while do you learn the exquisite joys of champagne to the face.  Join my celebrations tonight by having a bottle of wine in honor of my birthday!!!  It'll be the best thing you've done all year!!

Tune in tomorrow for the 411 on my NYE!!!  Its time for me to start drinking!