Best People Ever

Whether you're single, committed, confused or fed up if your human and not void of emotion or physical desires then chances are you have a "panel of advisors" aka The Best People Ever which you always go to for advice, suggestions, bitch fests, drink fests, insight, support and blah blah blah... 

You know who I'm talking about...the people you subject to all the ups, downs and craziness that is your dating life.  The people who have to hear every detail of every conversation, who hear about every look and help you analyze "what it means" that he didn't text you back...the people who god bless them never tell you to shut the fuck up because their ears are bleeding from all the crap you've been blabbing about for the past 2 hours.

I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of the Best People Ever...the ones who make dating just a little more fun & a little more sensical....without them I probably would shed a lot more tears, be a lot less grounded and say a lot more stupid shit.  I love them to pieces and I know you will too!!!

Peanut - my little sister.  She is my best friend and total opposite.  She's tough, I'm sensitive.  I can always count on Peanut to be the one to tell me to knock it the fuck off, stop crying and get over it.  She doesn't put up with bullshit and gives me my backbone. 

Patches - I've known her since elementary school and she's one of my bests.  We've gone through some really similar experiences with guys and really relate on that level.  I can always count on her to see eye to eye with me.  She's my current Single Girl Partner in Crime.

Baby - another elementary school best.  She affectionately refers to my ex as shit-head and is incredible at seeing things for exactly what they more, no less.  She makes sure I never get carried away, calls me out when I'm being too over-the-top (this happens more then you know), and loves me unconditionally even after I've been a complete fucktard.

Gryph - he is a barrel of goodness rolled into one great guy.  Our relationship has a dozen dimensions and we get each other in the most amazing ways for a guy/girl friendship.  He tries to bring out the player in me while I try and bring out the boyfriend in him.  While we're not advising each other on making "good" decisions about the opposite sex we're most likely out making good bad decisions at the bar.