Thursday, February 3, 2011

And That Happened.....

I really can’t believe I’m still trying to catch up to real time at this point.  Work has been crazy, life has been crazy and you all are a casualty of the craziness.  I think after this I’ll have two more stories to catch you up on and then we are good to go…no wait, make that three. God DAMN IT!!! 

Well, let’s get started and maybe, since this post is fairly short and sweet I, I can get out two posts today and only have two left.  I’m already exhausted…where is my red bull?

So, Gryph and I hadn’t had a good night out in a while…as you can probably tell by the lack of my mentioning him on here.  He actually called me out on it yesterday…something to the effect of “Hey read the blog a little today, boring, I’m nowhere in it!”  It is true that stories which he is involved in do make for excellent reading…but in my defense I would say that things have still been pretty interesting around here despite the shortage of Gryph (sorry buddy!).

To rectify the lack of Gryph in my life and since he would be missing my AC celebration, we scheduled a little birthday par-tay for the Saturday after my bday.  I made my way to his Hoboken apartment with a mixer in hand prepared from some good pregame action.  As always, I barely have my coat off and Gryph is pulling out glasses to make us drinks…it’s no surprise why we get along so well.  I wish I had taken a picture of this but when he opens his freezer it just screamed bachelor.  There was not one ounce of food in there…the entire freezer was filled with liquor…bottles on top of bottles.  I was impressed….and jealous.  We pull out a new bottle of rum, plop on the couch and start watching this show called “Blue Mountain State” which I must say is fucking hilarious.  If you haven’t seen it set up your DVR or put it on Netflix…you can thank me later.  We then progress to SVU so I can teach him the SVU drinking game.  All the while my cup never seems to empty and I’m losing track of how much I’m drinking.  And then we made out.  Yeah, that happened.  Nothing new though.  It’s just one of those things that sometimes happens.  Don’t you just love friends like that?

Finally my friend A-Bomb arrives.  This may be the first time I’m mentioning her on this blog so here is a super quick intro.  She is a twin and I
 met her through her twin sister who went to college with me.  She is one of the sweetest, most generous, fun people you can ever meet.  Also, you can’t spend an evening with her without doing at least one Jaeger bomb.  It’s just a fact of life.  So naturally when she walks into Gryph’s apartment she had a big thermos of Jaeger and a pack of red bull.  God Bless Her.  As Gryph was grabbing some shot glasses to prepare the bombs I reach over to grab the rum and offer A-Bomb a drink…please note, since Gryph and I started drinking I haven’t stood up once and completely lost track of how much he’s been serving me…so it came as a huge shock to see the bottle was EMPTY.  Umm….”Hey Gryph…did we just kill an entire fucking bottle of rum???”  Yes, yes we did.  Wow.  As I stand up it all quickly hits me.  Ok, I drank a lot.  Well, fuck it…time for some bombs.

After we down the bombs and maybe another drink we head out.  Once at the bar I’m handed a beer…maybe another shot…clearly the night is starting to get fuzzy.  Suddenly, A-Bomb is nowhere to be found and the bouncer tells me she’s not allowed in because she is too drunk.  Bullshit.  I can’t understand this being that I’ve drank enough to kill a small horse and she’s only just gotten started and has an extremely high tolerance.  WTF Bouncer!!!  Inside I had started talking to this guy who looked like he walked right off the pages of a Ralph Lauren catalog and didn’t want to stop so I made a quick and rather convincing speech about why he should ditch his friends and come with us.  So off we go to recover A-Bomb from outside with Ralph in tow. 

I realized the next day via conversation and the stamp on my hand that we actually went to Whiskey Bar (one of my favs) at this point.  Yet, all I remember is going to Johnny Rockets and watching Ralph eat a burger.  I must have ate something at well since there was definitely ketchup on my fingers…what a fucking mess.    I wouldn’t even find me attractive at this point.  Ralph and I head back to Gryph’s place where he and A-Bomb already were. 

Ralph and I find ourselves nice and cozy on the couch and once Gryph’s door is shut the make-out sesh began.  Okay, so it wasn’t just a make out sesh.  We had…a good time.  No, I did not sleep with him…well, slept next to him…briefly.  It’s not like me to commandeer my friends furniture and hook up with random men so I completely blame the alcohol (oops).  And just to seal the deal on this ridiculous situation mid hook up Ralph is shirtless on top of me, kissing my neck and I’m enjoying every second…then I hear a noise and look up to lock eyes with Gryph who just came out of his room.  My heart skipped a beat and something along the lines of “oh fuck” ran through my head as I stared at one of my best friends in one of the most compromising positions.  The feeling was fleeting since it didn’t exactly stop me from continuing to make out with Ralph.  Perhaps it was because Gryph’s face said he really didn’t give a shit…he’s cool like that…but more likely because I was wasted, Ralph was hot and I was so unapologetically into what he was doing.  I profusely apologized to Gryph in the AM since I really did feel bad and if he’s reading…Gryph sorry again!  But thanks for the couch ;-)

Come the morning, after a few more kisses (which is gross since we just woke up)….(thank you god for still making him cute in the AM)…he asked for my number and said he’d love to hang out next week.  Typically I’d be so happy about this…but for some unexplained reason this morning I think I grew a penis because all I could think of was…”wait, you want to keep in touch and see me again?”  I thought, hey we had a fun night…great memories (well the ones that are still intact anyway)…leave it at that and move along.  Who am I and what did I do with myself??

Well I gave him my number and he texted later that day and for a few days thereafter.  Eventually I stopped responding, I guess my penis came out again, and he got the hint.  I’m not sure what my deal was…but that’s completely uncharacteristic of me.  Shit happens.  One to the next victim one.


  1. I LOVE this! Keep playin the field girl!

  2. hahaha. Hey, it happens sometimes. You just know I think when they are fun for a night and where there could be something more. Don't worry about had a good time! :-)

  3. Thank you ladies!! It definitely was a blast...I'd do it again...except not on Gryph's couch and with a new boy toy ;)

  4. I love stories like this.

    Makes me feel okay about being me.

    "So, uh, I'll uh, call you er something sometime..."

    Or not.

    I was really hungover and this chick (in the morning) goes "Can I get your number?"

    And I hearkened back to the terminology of my 17 year old brother and responded:

    "Yeah, probably not."

    And left.


    Nice blog!

  5. Caleb - hahahahaha awesome story!!!! I'll definitely be channeling your brother next time.

    Thats definitely not harsh...if anything your honesty should be appreciated...although she was probably left pretty shocked. Poor thing?

    Great to have you here!!

  6. GOOD FOR YOU. I see nothing wrong with playing the field. A woman's got needs (and Gryph sounds like the best kind of guy friend to have around).

    Funny, I live in Hoboken. It's nice to read about some of my local hangouts :)