Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Case You Were Curious....

Just because some people asked....this is what I came back to after my can't tell from the angle of these pictures but when I first got there the bumper was nearly coming off but thankfully I was able to more or less push it back in before I drove home....

Thankfully the body shop I go to made my car look absolutely gorgeous and I now have a brand new bumper amongst lots of other parts...


  1. holy crap. I'd be SO pissed that I'd cry and then that would piss me off too. I'm glad they fixed your baby!

  2. WHOAH I'd be so angry! Did they leave a note to say sorry? I'm guessing not. At least it's all fixed now.

  3. BOO. UGH, what a horrible thing to come back to.

  4. Boo on your crash. BUT, yes, I'm in NYC all week this week! My schedule is a little crazy, but maybe we could get together one night? Shoot me an email at thenonstudent (at) gmail (dot) com. Hurray!

  5. Jewels - I did cry...a lot actually. All the stress I had from my car being hit a month before, driving to work, bad dates, my ex, my date being bald all just came out (of course there was more but thats what I remember venting about to my mom the most)...I just lost it. But yes, all it well now!!!

    @Alice - A note?!?!? I WISH! I was sooo upset that someone could do that and not leave anything...even just write I'm Sorry in the snow! Something! People can be really evil.

    @Lizzie - it was awful! what a terrible end to a date.

    @Non-Student - welcome to NYC!!! I'll email you and we'll see what we can do.