Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Readers Made Me Do It..

In my effort to continue backtracking through January and catch you all up on everything that has been going on there is so much that continues to happen.  Obviously that’s expected because it’s not like I’m a hermit..but seriously life, slow the fuck down so I can catch up on my blog…please and thank you!  My poor little fingers can’t possibly type fast enough to get it all out in the speed at which I’d like and I’m all fucked up trying to decide where to BEGIN!!!!  Aaaahhhh

Deep breath!  

I’m experiencing so much excitement..but also severe cases of being overwhelmed, underwhelmed...surprised and charmed.  Yeah it’s a fucking mess.

But today, in an effort to boost my mood since I’ve been crazy sick for about a week (I finally got meds oh AND a shot in the ass…seriously, adults are not exempt from this so don’t fool yourself!) I’m going to give you a ollow up to the recent story Real Life in the ER

I think you will all be proud and happy to hear that I did in fact write to the ER doc.  I don’t know how I got the nerve up but my fingers started typing and the next thing I knew my fate was released out in cyberspace.

So what exactly say to someone you can barely say you met…who was treating you in an ER no less…almost three weeks ago.  This…

“This is completely random...but I was talking to a friend who works at [the hospital] the other day and mentioned I met this really cute, funny doc in the ER a few weeks ago and he seems to think it’s you... {Disclaimer…ok so I totally lied…yes, I did talk to my friend about him, however, who he is wasn’t exactly a mystery since his name was on my discharge papers…details…this sounded cooler and less stalkerish} on the off-chance he's right (not sure since your profile says you work at [a completely different hospital]) I figured I'd take a chance and write and say hi!

I completely awkwardly complimented your arm muscles and good veins (I'm so smooth!) - if thats rings a bell haha

So, I don't usually write FB messages to guys I meet in the ER but you made a pretty good impression so I figured...first time for everything! ;-)

Now how is that for a totally corny message?  Honestly, I’d say for a first time doing something like this, it wasn’t terrible.  I mean really, what can you possibly say?  “You’re hot and I want to have your babies”

As your seeing across many of the blogs out there, especially the ones of the daters, this is a year of being bold…taking chances… and putting yourself out there.  I would say something this crazy most definitely qualifies.

And now with the message sent I play the waiting game.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to sleep when you’re in a slight panic if you just made a huge fucking fool of yourself and some handsome doctor is now laughing at you???  Yeah, not easy.

I heard my phone at 1:30am and roll over in a half sleep to see what it was.  A friend request on FB….from the DOCTOR?!?!?!  I had to blink myself awake because it seemed crazy.  A few minutes later a message came through.  He actually wrote me back!!  I can’t get too excited because I have absolutely no idea what he said.  It could have just been a very polite rejection.  While the anticipation of knowing was nearly too much to handle I decided I’d fight it off and read the message in the morning.

And now for your viewing pleasure here is what he had to say…

Why thank you ,
I assume I am the same person because although I get compliments on my veins all the times it certainly does stick out when someone thinks I have muscles. {He has a sense of humor…that’s a plus} I AM no longer at [the hospital] and am going to start at [a different hospital] in a couple weeks, but I am occasionally in [your city] anyways because of the friends I have made along the way. 
Thank you though for all the compliments. I am actually a PA not a doctor and it is always appreciated when someone else appreciates the work we do. {seems to be somewhat modest…} I will be honest and I don't regularly remember the circumstances why my patients are at the ER, but I do hope you are feeling much better and that you weren’t there for for a terribly long time. {I guess he’s saying he doesn’t remember me? Which I expected.}

So what do you do in [your city]? Live there all your life?

I live in BK currently and besides hanging with the girl {THE GIRL!!!  Kiss of death…he has a girlfriend and managed to slip that in there so smoothly…damn it!!!!} I do fight choreography and special effects makeup/ costuming for fun on the side. Also as you can see I like to participate in interesting events in NYC such as the No Pants Subway Ride. 

Thank you again for the compliments and the thought. It made my day. {How sweet….}  Hope all is well with you and look forward to hearing from you.

Well there you go.  I will say that was a really sweet message to receive…even though the fact that he has a girlfriend kind of sucked.  I will say though that after checking out his entire facebook profile I realized, while he is sweet, cute and seems to have a great personality we have extremely different interests.  He is the comic con attending, costume wearing, theater geek type.  Now, I did shows my whole life so I totally dig the theater…however, comics…yikes, not my territory.  This guy is insanely talented and does some seriously amazing things with make up and costumes…I’m blown away really.  And as much as I love dressing up I just can’t imagine going to a comic convention at the frequency of which he seems to, I’d feel terribly out of place.  His girl seems to be into all that as well so they are definitely well matched.

Despite  having no potential for a date I feel fucking amazing.  I wrote…he wrote back…and wants to hear from me again.  I’m not sure if I will write him back or not because really, what do I have to say?  But this definitely gave me a huge boost of confidence and the balls to maybe do something like this again in the future.  And to all my blog friends out there who are taking chances and doing some crazy things…add this to your list!!  


  1. Hell yes, look at you! Nothing ventured, nothing gained right? Continue to take risks and I think you'll be just fine :)

  2. GO YOU! Who cares if he has a girl and wasn't right for you anyway--you wrote! YAY! So very cool that he took the time to write such a nice response too. Who knows...maybe he has other hot doctor/PA friends he can hook you up with. Could be worth staying friendly with him.

  3. You are my new dating idol.
    I would never have done what you did.
    That took some major guts!
    Next time maybe the guy will be available so don't hesitate to try again!

  4. Great work! Very brave of you to send such a frank message - I like the way you wrote it and I'm really pleased that you got a nice one back too.

  5. You are truly inspiring me! I keep talking a big game about putting myself out there more...but instead of asking guys out or writing doctors on FB - i have been traveling for work and chained to my TV as I feed my "Lost" addiction. But after reading this, perhaps I will do something bold this weekend!

  6. This is very cute - good for you! But the moment he started talking about the costuming I was thinking whoaaaaa...maybe not. You can never tell what they're like in real life when they're wearing those adorable scrubs :).

  7. @Hutch - you are 100% right! Thank you!! I'm going to try and live on the edge a little going fwd

    @Jewels - Thanks girl!! I'm really surprised he wrote such a sweet message...its totally appreciated I didn't even think about the chance he may have a friend. For that, I'm going to write him back. You never know....

    @Rachel - WOW!!! That means soo very much to me. Thank you so so much! I will definitely do something like this again...I hope you do too!! Taking chances is so scary but sometimes the end results are so worth it.

    @Matt - I really struggled with what to write so thank you for complimenting it! I figured I'd just be reason to beat around the bush when I'm doing something as crazy as I did.

    @M.Hautemess - Girl, you are the fucking best! Thank you! I read your blog and there is no reason you can't be ballsy and do something like definitely have it in you! I'm impatiently waiting to hear about something bold you did soon!!!

    @Lizzie - I know right!! The scrubs are so hard to see past...the costume thing definitely took me for a loop, helped me not care so much that he 's taken

  8. Yay! Fun story. Just wish he didn't have a girlfriend. But good for you for writing him! Total baller.