Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Not a Doctor....

I’ve been struggling trying to figure out exactly what to say about this next date.  Frankly, it left me uninspired perplexed and in a state of wondering…what the fuck just happened?  So, I will say in advance this is going to be short and sweet because truth be told I’d rather not even try and write about it but to be true to the blog I know I must. 

So, I started talking to this guy who is a doctor…but not really a doctor.  Yeah, scratch your head about that one.  It’s the whole dentist complex.  They don’t actually go to med school so therefore I guess they are not technically considered doctors.  This guy was specifically an Oral Surgeon.  Pretty cool….until he starts talking about taking out my teeth.  Don’t mix work/surgery and romance thank you.
Cool job aside, we had talked on the phone a few times and as is the norm these days texted a bunch.  I can honestly say he kept me laughing…albeit sometimes it was a bit of a nervous laugh like “dude I don’t know you well enough to know if your serious or not but I sure as shit hope your joking.”

        For example…he started going on and on about how our first date should be a trip.  Like we should pick a place and stay for the weekend and we’ll both drive there so in case it’s weird we have our own cars.  (IN CASE ITS WEIRD….?!? Like there is another option….) 
That for the most part was how our conversations would go, him making these off the wall statements and me left scratching my head wondering if he’s serious. 

Then there was the constant saying of my name.  To explain further allow me to tell you about one of my pet peeves.  I really can’t stand when someone inserts your name into every line of a conversation.  “How do you feel about that, Mary?”  “Oh wow Bob, I really like that too”  “So Joe, what did you think of that game?”  You get the picture.  When done properly and infrequently I think weaving someone’s name into a conversation is nice.  Done excessively it gets a little creepy for me.  As you can guess this is exactly what happened.  It drove me nuts.

So finally we agree to get together and I’m not completely excited about it…weird huh?  We are on the phone because I’m trying to tell him where he can park and the next thing I know he’s cursing and saying he’s getting pulled over and *click* he hangs up.  The idiot was driving and talking on the phone.  He didn’t get a ticket, lucky for him, but I don’t feel bad about the embarrassment he suffered because there is no excuse for doing something stupid.  And yes, I feel that driving and talking on the phone without Bluetooth is stupid.

Well we finally meet up and immediately have issues at the diner with where we can sit..we head to the bar it’s a no go…inside no one is paying attention and finally we head outside and get a table.  We order a couple of appetizers and wine (god bless wine) and continue chatting.  The entire time he’s staring at me down his nose with this look that makes me think he’s contemplating my demise.  I keep wondering how much longer I have to sit there and endure this.

Finally the check comes and I couldn’t be more relieved. Unfortunately the feeling was only temporary because he insisted to walk me to my car.  Please tell me he’s not looking for a kiss!!  It took what felt like a year and a day to say good-bye and he left without that kiss I could tell he wanted.  Oh well.

The Juicy Details:  Aside from the lack of kissing him there was definitely no physical chemistry there.  More than that there was a lot of things I don’t feel we were compatible with such as family…he barely ever sees his and it doesn’t seem to bother him.  Family is extremely important to me and I could never go as long as he has without seeing them.  Then there was religion and sense of humor.  I love to smile and laugh and once we met in person he just totally stopped being funny.  It was worth a shot.

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