Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Facts

I'm freshly back into full-blown flirt when it feels right, make-out when you want to, dance with a stranger mode...otherwise known as single.  What I can promise you will find here are some entertaining tales of the guys I meet, the dates I'm going on and just random thoughts that pop into my head from daily conversations.  I have been saying constantly that some of these stories are too good to keep to myself or my small audience I tend to spill the beans to, so I'm going to start sharing!

Not every date is good...some leave me wanting to swear off men and become a nun.  Not every guy calls...some call/txt/email to the point where I wonder what their mental malfunction is that they completely fail to get the point that I'm not interested.  Not every guy lives up to your expectations...but some completely surprise you.  The truth is a lot of dates leave you wondering, what the fuck am I doing?  I'd be having so much more fun reaching the bottom of a bottle of Cavit with my friends (at least I dont have to put on make up and heels for them).  But then there are those dates that make all the others worth it...that completely restore your faith that not all is lost for the male species.

I'm going to keep this real and give you the full play-by-play...which means I'll be completely open and brutally honest about the dates.  All I ask is not to judge me too harshly for what I say because its either the truth or my opinion and you really can't argue with either one.

So, I hope you enjoy reading and following along!!

Keep smiling :)

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