Friday, June 11, 2010

Paging Dr. McDreary.....

As a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy I'd be lying if I tried to say I never fantasized about having my very own McDreamy or McSteamy one day.  After this date I've taken about 10 steps back from that ever coming true.  Allow me to introduce Dr. McDreary...through the written word he's fantastic.  He's chatty, funny, quick witted...then he called me.  The conversation wasn't terrible but it certainly was a little awkward.  I figured I wouldn't take this as a sign we may not mesh and chalked it up to the fact that I was distracted by all the things I wanted to buy in Crate & Barrel and he seemed stressed and tired from studying all day for an exam.  No big deal, when we meet it will be so much better...I hoped.

So, before I get into the actual date let me digress for a sec and give you a little information about me.  The truth is I have this little personal "rule" I apply when it comes to scheduling first Friday and Saturday nights are (for the most part) off limits.  This is not to say I will NEVER schedule a date these nights, however, given the option I will sooner suggest to hang out any day of the week except that...oh and maybe not Monday because that is just an ugly day for everyone.  Why do I avoid Friday and Saturday night?  Well its easy...while I'm flattered that a guy would be willing to give up one of these nights to take me out unfortunately the feeling isn't mutual.  These are two nights of the week I can truly relax, have fun, do whatever I want with whoever I want and really enjoy myself.  I can't even count how many times I've started looking forward to Friday night by 8am Monday morning.  The ugly truth is that I don't always enjoy myself on dates.  So why should I give up two of the best nights of the week to someone who may ultimately bore me to tears, gross me out or have me questioning what planet their visiting from?  Also, I'm a big planner and anyone who knows me can tell you that, so its hard to find a weekend night I'm free unless your asking me in advance and no, Tuesday is not really in advance for that coming Friday.  Being that I'm a realist I know some dates will be amazing and sometimes schedules only allow you to go out on a weekend if you ever want to see a person this decade so I of course make some exceptions.

My date with Dr. McDreary was one of them.  Now, I did take a few precautions for the evening and not entirely on purpose.  A few of my friends from college were going out to a beer garden and I really wanted to join them but had already agreed to my date.  I'm not one to bail on a commitment because something better came along so I did the next best thing and meshed plans!  Dr. M told me I could pick any place I wanted so I got "creative" and suggested the beer garden.  My plan was that he and I could have some time to ourselves to talk and then we can join my friends later.  I gave my friends a heads up about my plan and prepped them to potentially be buffers in case the date was a dud.

Well let me tell you, its true what they say, first impressions are everything.  I shouldn't have been so surprised that we weren't clicking after that disaster of a phone call but still I'm always one to give second, third, hell even mind-numbing 4th chances so I figured Dr. M deserved one.  I gave it everything I had...I asked questions about work, family, school and friends, I talked about topics he told me he was interested in, talked about the beer, the weather...I was desperately grasping at straws to find some spark in this guy.  Some sign that he was passionate about something.  I started frantically looking around to see if someone could save me.  Finally I decided the only option left was to join my friends.

God-bless them because it certainly helped to have other people to keep the conversation flowing.  Now, don't get me wrong.  Dr. McDreary is a very sweet guy, however, we are just on different levels.  I'm way to outgoing, quick talking and vibrant for him.  He's much more low-key which isn't a bad thing but not right for me.  I truly thought he noticed this so imagine my surprise when he's saying good-bye, without even pulling me aside and out of sight from my friends mind you, and he tries to plant a kiss!  Whoa baby I did everything I could not to giggle from my shock.  Then the death grip on my hand which followed as he walked to the door was just a bit much for me to handle.

All in wasn't the worst date I ever went on.  I promised my friends that if he called, which after my complete lack of affection on his departure I fully didn't expect he would, that I would consider giving it another shot.  I think the moral of the story is...definitely listen to your gut (I should have known after that first call we probably wouldn't click) and be true to yourself.  I could have easily forced myself to like Dr. M for all the wonderful points about him but I know who I am and what works for me and this just wasn't the right fit.  I think if more people would become more aware of themselves and be able to recognize what they need there would be a lot less girls staring desperately at the bottom of an ice cream container bitching about "why didn't he call? he said he would!" "why doesn't he like me?" "but we had such a great conversation!"  Don't you think?

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