Thursday, July 29, 2010

We click like a Pin and a Stripe....

Well, as I mentioned Pinstripe followed through on his promise and sent me a text…and another and another, etc…but very infrequently…so infrequently that this boy was testing my patience (of which I really have none).  My friends tell me all the time that when you first meet someone its common that you speak and communicate sparingly.  I just don’t get this concept…I can’t really wrap my head around it.  The way I function is less with the games and more with this is how it is and take it or leave it…I wouldn't say I wear my heart on my sleeve but I'm not very good at repressing or hiding my feelings...perhaps this is a contributor to my lack of success?  Who knows.  But either way Pinstripe would text one day, I’d respond the next…insert another day or two of silence and more of the same…wash, rinse, repeat.  I ultimately got to the point where I was annoyed and getting seriously bored with this.  Is this guy ever going to say anything other than mundane bullshit…if he asked me one more time about my weekend or made one more joke about shots or anything pertaining to do with the night we met without asking me to hang out I was going to freak.

So, being the person I am (blunt and honest about my feelings) I sent him a text one Friday afternoon saying “So are we ever actually going to grab drinks again?”…and just as soon as I hit send I realize…fuck, I STILL don’t know his NAME!!!  I’ve now placed myself into a mini panic trying to find a way to get around this in the event he agrees to get together.  What have I done?  And just as I started to calm myself down…hell froze over…I get a text back from Pinstripe which said “If you can tell me my name, we can go out.”  YOU’VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!  Did I read that right?  Is this really happening?  I can’t even begin to guess what his name is, how am I going to respond to this?  I consider deleting the text and acting like I never got it…or making some kind of joke…and then I somehow come up with this “genius” response…”How about we play the what was I wearing, what do I do game?”  Clearly he’s onto me and there is no reason at this point to pretend otherwise and in the long run make myself look like a real idiot…so I came up with the cutest, most flirty way to admit he’s right without actually saying so. 

Just as my girls and I are clanking our glasses together to toast to my cleverness my phone starts vibrating and its Pinstripe!!  Cue mini panic button again.  Now, let me put this situation into perspective for you…its Friday night, probably around 9:30 or so…I’m out with my girlfriends and we had been drinking since happy hour…I was in no shape to have a decent conversation with a guy whose name I do not know.  But thankfully the conversation went fabulously.  We chatted, I learned his name, we joked a bit and we agreed to get together soon. 

After that conversation things just went full throttle…the texts got more frequent, he sent me cute pictures, we chatted on the phone a bit (I’m talking marathon conversations…like when your cell starts burning your ear) and more and more I start to grow to really like this guy…well, as much as you can like someone your ‘text dating’.  Yes, I made that up so just go with it.  The more we talk the better he gets…the fact is I felt like I knew more about him then guys I’ve gone on multiple dates with.  He made me laugh constantly, totally made me blush with texts like “Have I told you lately I like you”  it seemed too good to be real.

Finally we make plans to get together.  We were supposed to go see a band and meet up with a bunch of his friends.  I meet him at his apartment and one glass of wine got refilled one too many times and we end up skipping the show.  We were so caught up in conversation that there were no distractions necessary.  I completely left it up to him if he wanted to go or not since he wanted to see the band and it was his friends we were meeting.  But he chose to stay.  Somehow the conversation turned to sore muscles or massages or something along those lines (and stop rolling your eyes, this is the oldest trick in the book I know)…and before I know it I was rubbing his back and then we are full on making out.  It was like a month of tension built up over the phone was just pouring out.  It was fabulous and I was totally getting my make-out fix.  Props to Pinstripe for being a good kisser.

Eventually its 3:30am…not really eventually more like suddenly…I felt like the last time I checked the clock it was 11:30 so how the hell did 4hrs pass?!?  Time flies so they say.  Well I realize I need to get going before I fall asleep there or while I’m driving home…neither of which would be ok…time to break myself away and be responsible.  Pinstripe is a total gentleman and walks me to my car and we say good night. 

The Juicy Details:  The following week I’m crazy busy and I suppose he was as well because our texts are fairly infrequent but I think nothing of it until I get a message from him saying “Sorry, work week is crushing me”  I respond the next day assuring him its not a big deal and to hang in there since there is one day left.  Then the kicker…1am Thursday night/Friday morning I get a text (which I don’t see until I wake up to pee at 3am) which says “Sorry I have been lacking in response…things just got a little weird with an ex girlfriend of mine and I’m trying to sort it out”  HUH??  So, I spend the next day stressing about how I respond to something like when I can’t even figure out why he felt it was necessary to tell me that.  We met once, briefly, we have hung out once since then…we are not in a serious relationship let alone any form of a relationship on any level…there is such a thing as being too honest and there are points in time when even the most open and honest people need to learn that full disclosure is not always necessary or welcomed.  So, eventually I respond “Ok”  Fact is, as much as I want to see Pinstripe again he has really thrown me for a loop and I have some serious mixed emotions…that coupled with the fact that even though most try to tell me otherwise I truly believe he may have just changed his mind and that was the best excuse he could come up with…instead of taking the mature road and just saying so (I've never really understood the beat-around-the-bush act).  I suppose we’ll see what happens but in the meantime I have no expectations of him ever contacting me again.  You win some, you lose some.

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