Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pinstripes...not just for Yankees

I’m not a big believer or fan of meeting someone who is potential relationship material in a bar.  I’m not saying its impossible or its 100% unsuccessful, however, in my experience and honest opinion I give it two enthusiastic thumbs down.  Sure you can find a hottie to bust some moves on a dance floor with, maybe you’ll kiss…and if its your thing maybe you’ll be doing the walk of shame in the morning…who knows.  But meeting your next SO…I think not.  I know it happens, I have friends who are successful…and maybe I’m being too harsh or too much of a skeptic but its just not for me.

Imagine my surprise when one night I actually meet someone out at a bar.  I’m out with Ox (which is always a blast & always trouble of the best kind) and we are bouncing from place to place…by the point we walk into one of our favorite spots we’re definitely feeling pretty good.  As the night goes on I head to the bar to grab a beer and as I turn my head towards the door I see this guy walk in.  He’s a very nice looking guy but definitely not my type by looks alone…he’s got the height but the rest is a little off.  Well, he either caught me staring or he just happened to walk over and stand near me but I’m going with the former since I know I have a heavy and obvious stare....and this is where it all began.  See, this guy waltzes into this very casual, very laid back Irish bar in a button down and pinstripe suit.  I was baffled and had the liquid courage to tell him so.  It went a little something like this:

PYT: Why the fuck are you wearing a pinstripe suit to the bar?

Pinstripe: Um, excuse me?? (clearly stunned that a random girl was being such a bitch)

PYT: What are you doing here in a pinstripe suit?  Don’t you think it’s a bit much?

Pinstripe:  I just got off of work.

PYT: what? Its like 10:30 on a Friday, what are you like a lawyer?
(now, don’t ask me why the first thing that came to my head is a lawyer but it was, so lets roll with it)

Pinstripe: Um no, I work in the music industry
(at this point I’m getting bored because I think he’s just making shit up, so I continue being a total snot)

PYT: Oh yeah right, I’m sure…so describe what you do.

So he proceeds to describe his job which actually sounded pretty cool and then asked if I wanted a shot.  Wow, after all that he still wants to buy me a drink…can’t turn that down.  I’m still not feeling interested in him in the sense of being really attracted or picturing us on our first date but its been fun to banter back and forth.  Finally he pulls out his phone as asked me for my number.  Now I proceed to break out my skepticism and blabber on about how men never call or text like they promise and its stupid to give out your number blah blah blah.  How this guy didn't walk away or pour a beer over my head by this point still shocks me.  Anyway, he persists and says he really needs to go and change because he’s dying of heat…to which I naturally respond “Yeah no shit your wearing that pinstripe suit in the bar.”  Why am I so obsessed with this damn suit?!  Anyway, Pinstripe gets my number…he asked me to enter it and fill in the names completely…so I put my first name, nickname (he requested for god knows what reason lol) and used the name of the bar as my last name because at the time it seemed logical…now he’ll remember where he met me.  Fantastic.  Pinstripe leaves along with my number, I head back over to Ox, grab another beer and don’t give him a second thought since I already put him in the ‘that was fun in the moment’ category.

The Juicy Details:  Well, not too much to say after this encounter except that he actually did text as promised.  We exchanged a couple of messages that night and once again I didn’t think I’d hear from him after that.  Until the next day when he sent another message.  I had one issue…if this was going to continue I was in trouble since I never saved his number in my phone the night before because I knew it was him at the time…I had completely forgotten his name by morning.  Shit.  So, now I’m texting this guy whose name I don’t know wondering if it will eventually come and bite me in the ass…guess we’ll find out.

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