Monday, July 26, 2010

The Office...Episode 1

So, had I not become a complete slacker, taking laziness and procrastination to new heights this post would have actually been a lot longer and written a couple weeks ago.  Since its been a while since these events occurred and even though my memory is still fresh…my attempt to catch up on what’s been going on is overriding my desire to provide you with an overwhelming amount of detail.  So the next few posts will be more like summaries just so I can get back into real-time…and because I’m extremely impatient and can’t be bothered with the past.  Sorry!

Rewind back to the end of June.  I start talking to this great guy who we will call…hold on while I google the characters name…Jim Halpert…from The Office…a show I’ve watched once or twice but never got into.  You’ll understand the reference shortly.  Jim seemed like a great guy.  He made me laugh, was extremely driven and successful and seemed so sweet.  We were finally able to make plans after some time of talking…he and I had conflicting schedules for a couple of weeks…and I was really looking forward to finally getting to meet him.

The morning comes when we are supposed to meet and I get a message saying “Would you absolutely hate me if I had to cancel?”  Bastard.  I sometimes get these weird feelings and can almost anticipate things before they happen…does this happen with a lot of people?  I had a feeling the night before that he was going to cancel but wasn’t sure if I was being insecure or realistic, so when that message came it sent me into such a tizzy.  Well, he explained there was a server down at work and his day just turned into a living hell and he wasn’t sure how late he was going to have to stay.  Long story short I told him that regardless if we hang out or not I’d be in the city anyway and we can just play the evening by ear.

As I’m en route to the city that afternoon he tells me he’s probably going to have to stay in the office but he really wouldn’t mind a visitor.  I thought he was joking but no, he was totally serious.  He wanted me to come and hang out in his office for a bit.  I gave him credit for working with what he had and trying his best not to cancel but was really skeptical about going to see some guy (who I never met) at his office.  What if he kills me and stuffs me in an air duct?  Yes, this went through my mind.  But when I finally shook the thought I said, fuck it…live a little and go. 

I can honestly say it was a great decision.  I would never recommend doing this intentionally but having a first date in his office was awesome.  There was nothing to distract us, no drinks to cloud judgment, great lighting to see him well and it turned out it was just the two of us there.  We just talked and 2hours melted away.  If I didn’t have to run out of there like Cinderella from the ball to go and pay the meter I know we could have sat there all night.  Next time.

The Juicy Details:  While we were both so disappointed I had to leave so quickly and he was stuck working we reassured each other we’d definitely go out again.  He walked me to the door and we had a long, tight hug.  As we were standing there reluctant to say goodbye he sweetly grabs my hands, pulls me in and put my arms around his neck and we kiss.  Just thinking about it now puts a smile on my face…it was the sweetest kiss…and I couldn’t wait till we could do it again.  In case I haven't mentioned it already...I'm a total sucker for good kisses...I like them more than most things so a guy being a good kisser and active kisser is extremely important.  For instance, my ex was a great kisser but I was constantly forced to beg to be kissed...I felt frustrated and could a person not want to kiss??  It was a constant area where we butted heads and stood at a roadblock...everyone is different and it came down to the fact that I think I'm just a more passionate person then he is, to each his own...but moving fwd awesome, frequent kisses are a must have and so far Jim has the awesome down.
Ps- on the way back to my car I got a txt from him saying how wonderful it was to meet me and he couldn’t wait to see me again…score! 

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