Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Waiting...Not Winning

A very unhappy hump day to all!

Sorry for the less then stellar greeting but I'm not exactly in the best of moods at the moment.  I'm frustrated.  I'm irritated.  I'm so sick of fucking dating.

I'm considering giving up on online dating.  I haven't been all that "dedicated" to it recently like I was and no good has come of it yet (I don't consider an extremely long string of first dates good!)

I'm just in a shit thanks to the weather...or the three...thats right THREE people I know who got engaged in the past week..OR the fact that I haven't heard from the Rival since Friday.  I know that not a terribly long time and I know no matter how many other excuses I can make thats really whats bugging me at the moment...but despite all that not seeing his name pop up on my phone in almost a week has gotten under my skin.  Yes, it was one date so I'm not hung up on him...just more wondering why he's gone MIA...stupid jerk.

I know I could probably just bite the bullet and contact him myself...but there is something to be said about the guy making the effort.  And I was the last one to text so "technically" it was his turn to reply.  Oh what to do!!!!

This all sounds completely fucking ridiculous as I type it...makes me want to vomit on my keyboard actually.  Frankly I hate these stupid fucking dating games and don't want to take part in them.  I just want to meet someone and skip this other crap and go right to spending lazy mornings in bed.  Can we make that happen??

So I don't know what I'm going to do...or should do, what the fuck there isn't really any "shoulds" in dating...but yeah, can't decide.  I have a feeling that if I text something fun and clever he'll respond...then I'll spend the next day or so kicking myself for being so impatient and not waiting to see if he was going to text me on his own (which undoubtedly kicks way more ass then me taking initiative)...then again is it impatient if I haven't heard from him in 4 days.  But then if I don't text him I subject myself to being caught up in my own head until either I do actually hear from him or something new and shiny passes my eyes.  Naturally there is the possibility he's changed his mind and "is just not that into me", which is cool...he's probably covering at least half that book right now...not asking me out, not sleeping with me, not whatever the fuck else he should be doing...but knowing that doesn't make me enjoy this dating shit any more.

Funny thing is that even if I did hear from him I couldn't see him till next week anyway since I'm completely booked till then. makes you dumb!!!


  1. Ohhhh how I've been there! Part of why I'm not ready to start the online dating again. I make myself over the is he/isn't he going to call and do I actually want him to?

    I've also been through the everyone else getting engaged thing to, and am now on to baby announcements. I seriously don't think I've gone a week without someone saying they're expecting. I loved weddings so it didn't bother me as much, but it's hard not to compare where others are in their lives to where you are. Just no, it gets better!

  2. I say if boy wanted to call he would have. Next! Don't waste time on someone who isn't making time for you. And you can use this time to find someone who will text you ;)

  3. You're both right. I know it gets better but I think being on the brink of officially being single for a year and having perhaps a handful, if even, of guys I saw more then once is grating on me.

    I'm trying to be as upbeat and positive about all of this as I can but really after a year of not having someone to go out with, no dates to weddings, no one to snuggle with at night or wake up with in the morning, no make out sessions or sex...I'm going CRAZY!!!!!

    I'll confess I did txt Rival yesterday and I felt like before I even hit send he was responding. We went back and forth a couple of times then that was it. I'm bored. It was such a wonderful date but his follow up is completely lackluster and frankly I'm disappointed. He stressed how he plans to be friends with someone first and take things really slow...perhaps this is his version of that? Blah fucking blah...I'm not too sure i'm on board with that.

    Thank you as always for your support...I'm going to check my inbox and respond to some of the messages there...with the Royal Wedding tomorrow perhaps my Prince will finally decide to show up.

  4. I'm new here, but I sooo know this feeling! I read your post and definitely felt like I've been in your shoes. And, as a recently single gal, my stomach turns at the thought of going back to dating, especially online, and dealing with all this. Nothing is as frustrating as a good date with all that connection that's followed up with... nothing. or, not enough something. it's stupid, but we know it's true: if a guy is interested, he shows it. lame and sexist, yes, and it leaves us waiting by the phone, but there it is.
    Don't go crazy over a guy who isn't showing you he wants to see you again, that's my only advice. Say Next! and move on. Ignoring the red flags doesn't make them go away, only helps them to pile up.

  5. As trite as this sounds, it's worth waiting for someone who excites you and adores you and deserves you and vice versa. He's out there. Don't give up. We're all rooting for you. :)

  6. Good comments.

    As a dude, I can say you're probably right- he doesn't sound that into you.

    Take it from a guy who has been rejected by his fair share of hotties... it's worth waiting for the right one!

    You know, but get laid in the meantime.

  7. You know, I'm SO THERE with you, sistah. Seriously, this whole dating nonsense sucks the suckiest suck that ever sucked. And I find that so baffling. You go out, meet a nice guy, have great chemistry. Then nice boy either falls off the face of the world or starts doing the ol' fade out. Is it because he's met another shiny object that catches his eye? THE HELL!?!?

    Anyway, don't despair. There is a nice boy out there for you; sometimes it's just a matter of kissing a few frogs. Also, I totally had the same thought this weekend about sleeping in with a boy and having makeout sessions for hours. I just want to fast-forward through all the BS!