Friday, April 1, 2011

"Love Begins With L"

Don't get fooled by the title...I'm not in love!  I'm not even in like...with someone I've actually met yet anyway...but thats a story for another post.

Anyway, I was supposed to get this up yesterday and in an epic fail I didn't.  The day completely got away from me and before I knew it Patches and I were the last two people in the gym at 11pm and nearly got locked in...can you even imagine?!?!?!

So onto the post...I was contacted by this company L. (a condom company) about sharing a campaign they released on their site yesterday.  After reading through their site and the campaign I thought what they are trying to do is interesting, intriguing and something which affects the entire world.  The company addresses one of the worlds most troubling issues HIV and AIDS while trying to empower women, educate on family planning and potentially help decrease poverty.  Pretty awesome.  

I know this is not what you would expect me to be writing about but as a dating blog two aspects of dating are love and sex and the scary truth is that all it takes is one time with one person combined with you not being careful for your entire life to change.  

Also, I think the women on this site seem to completely have their stuff together and this is completely in spite of a man...that is also an extremely relevant example for girls who are dating.  Relationships are wonderful and beautiful and love is a precious gift, however, you don't   need a man to be successful, to be happy or to make waves in the world.

Before I go on a rant let me stick to the topic on hand...

Here is their statement about what L. is:

"L. is a new social enterprise that makes doing good sexy. It's a condom company with a cause: to empower women globally by supporting the human right to safe sex. For every condom you purchase, one is distributed in a developing country. You can learn more about the company here: Love Begins with L "

With their buy one, give one philosophy (I just totally made that up...thats good stuff right their, marketing genius if you ask me, hey L. you should hire me!) L. says on its site that if they were to "represent 5% of the condom market we can serve the needs of three countries with the highest prevalence rate."  That is a beautiful thing but one must remember you can give a person a lifetime supply of condoms but that doesn't mean they are going to use it.  There are guys I know who refuse to wear condoms even being extremely well educated on all the risks.  

To L. :  as you know, the education aspect of what you are doing is more important than any woman you may interview, any number of condoms you may give out or how green your product is (although I am personally appreciative and impressed by your environmental sustainability efforts!).  Even more important than that, in my opinion, is motivation.  You can educate and supply people but these tools are worthless unless people want to use them.  What would be enough to make an individual want to be protected...if it's not the threat of HIV/AIDS or an unwanted pregnancy or the threat of poverty...would it be something else?  Maybe the flip side...perhaps the motivation would be found in the promise of a future, a job or a multitude of other things.  Everyone is motivated by something...just got to figure out what that is in this case.

Sorry, I got a little off track for a onto L.'s campaign...finally...

For every day of March, women's month, L. met a women representative of the kind of love that rocks the world hard enough to change it. On the 31st, they introduced the 31 women who inspired them on their site. Each women supports the movement to make safe sex a human right. As you click on each woman's photo you are brought to her page where you can read a little blurb about her (some of these women lead seriously impressive lives) along with her answer to 3 questions around the power of love to change the world.

You can get inspired at: L31

I hope you take some time to look at a few of these women and check out their site.  Disclaimer:  Just so you know I am not getting paid for this and I don't know a soul who works for this company.  I got contacted by them, checked them out and decided it was worth sharing.  I hope you agree!!


  1. Email me when you come down for 4th of July :)

  2. I definitely will!!! Is Miami a good time for the 4th???

  3. I definitely agree. What a great cause (and I love your "buy one, give one" slogan).