Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcome Guest!!!

My motivation recently for anything other then Zumba has been fairly limited.  Trying to get my routines down, go on auditions and get my classes started has been nothing short of exhausting.  My entire body hurts right now...I have shin splints and sore muscles.  I am in great shape but doing hours and hours a night of Zumba is not normal and now I suffer.

On top of that I pretty much partied myself sick.  No not hangover sick but like sinus infection sick.  No sleep with lots of drinking, dancing and not eating much will actually run you down...where is my college tolerance...what the fuck.

Anyway, I owe you all some amazing stories from Mexico as well as my recent adventures during a Bachelorette party (which involves a Bachelor from London) and a 30th Birthday for Gryph in the Poconos.  

In the meantime, I leave you with a guest post which is delayed since our fabulous poster had a brain fart and forgot to send it to me when he was supposed to.  Because I love him and his blog (I've never met him so its a blog crush obvi) I forgive him & want to share the post with you anyway.

The blogger is Jeremy from Dear ExGirlfriend.  The format for his blog is super creative and seriously entertaining since he basically writes letters to girls he dates recounting the date, how he felt, how he think she felt and so on.  Its great insight into a guys mind post date and you get a really great feel of what a funny, sincere and sweet man he well as how he is genuinely just as clueless about dating as the rest of us.  Its truly refreshing because I feel too many people try and act like experts and gives all these rules, guidelines, tips and tricks for dating but the fact is none of us know what the fuck we're doing.  We go out there and bullshit our way through until we have that ah-ha moment when we say "oh ok, this is cool...this is working" with someone. And then you get to navigate a relationship...woo!

Anyway, thank you to Jeremy for being so real...I heart it and appreciate & I know you all will too!  So, enjoy his post and make sure you hop on over and check out his blog after!!

"some people play hard to get. i play hard to want."

Dear Katie,
We went on a few dates this fall, and immediately two things were extremely clear to me: 1. you are a tease and 2. you like to play ‘the game.’  I’ll forgive you for item #1, after all 98% of females I know are teases on some level.  In fact, most of you don’t even know you are doing it consciously so it’s not as if I can actually blame you.  Although next time you are on a THIRD date with someone who buys you an expensive dinner and takes you to a romantic comedy he didn’t want to see (starring Justin effing Long), AND you bring up how much you enjoy a good make out session…don’t act all shocked and awed when he tries to kiss you goodnight.  Ok, now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the game…

It’s actually hard for me to describe the game, because not only do I not play it, I don’t even really know how to play it if I wanted to.  Why is that, you might ask?  I don’t even know what the effing game is.  What I do know is that I apparently suck at it.  How do I know this? You told me so.

Before I forget I must thank you for being extremely informative, even if you were kind of a bitch about it.

I promise I wasn't 
even going to open my mouth...
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After the first couple times we went out, I realized that I was definitely into you, and unfortunately I made that too clear.  I did not text/email/call/facebook chat/gchat you 17 times a day, or anything remotely along those lines.  Instead, after it had been a week or so since we hung out I said, “You know I had a really good time hanging out with you last week, I’d like to take you on more of a date date this weekend…dinner and a movie, or something like that.”  So, we went to dinner and a movie…where the story from the first paragraph about me buying you dinner, you talking about how much you like making out, etc etc, may or may not have happened.

That was the last time we hung out.  It had nothing to do with me being overly-aggressive (in your terms) by trying to kiss you goodnight.  Forwhat it’s worth, I’ll tell you my mindset again – we had been out three times, it was a brightly lit parking lot with other people leaving the movie, all I wanted was to give you a quick kiss on the lips; I wasn’t going to ram my tongue down your throat.  But that wasn’t it, apparently I played my cards too early, you told me.  I made it obvious that I enjoyed your company, simply by telling you that I, in fact, enjoyed your company.  There was no chase in it for you.  I should’ve played hard to get, or something like that.

Anyway, as much as I enjoyed our few dates, I’m glad you told me that; because no offense, I would never want to spend too much time with someone who has that mindset.  I don’t think you are a bad person or anything, like I said before, ‘the game’ just isn’t for me.  I tell people how I feel, not in an overly melodramatic way, but the same rule applies: if I like you, I like you.  I’m going to want to hang out because I enjoy hanging out with you; I’m not going to sit on my hands and pretend I don’t so you somehow like me more.
Of course, if I don’t get laid anytime soon I might have to change my ways.  Kidding, I promise.

Hope you win your next ‘game,’

Player ( get it – like, ‘don’t hate the player hate the game…)

*The Adventures of Ford Fairlane – yup, I quoted an Andrew Dice Clay movie.


  1. Now this is refreshing!! It's so nice to get a guys perspective on things.

    P.S. what are you auditioning for? Do you have a secret life we don't know about? SPILL

  2. It is totally refreshing!! I wish he lived closer or I'd totally make him take me on a date.

    And its auditions for Zumba classes....gyms/studios/etc make you audition to make sure you are good enough to teach. Yikes!

  3. Oh, I have a bit of a bloggy crush on this one, too ;) Will for sure stop on over and check him out (it's always refreshing to hear the male perspective).

    This girl sounds like a piece of work, honestly. We get to a point in our lives (well, those of us who mature beyond the college years) when we're just no longer interested in playing these kinds of games anymore. I'm with you. If I like someone, I like to let them know. Not in an obsessive stalking kind of way, but I like to throw out little hints or, flat out say, "Hey, had a great time with you. We should do this again sometime."

    I'm sorry you had to sit through a Justin Long movie though.

  4. I did Zumba once and broke my foot 2 weeks later. Coincidence?

    Nice work, Jeremy. Here's a trick to handling a girl like that. You get shot down (retardedly) for no reason like that and you very nicely agree with them, go home, and play like nothing happened. Set up the next date. Alternate niceness with scathing comments on things she might be insecure about. She dyed her hair? You tell her your sister was a stripper who dyed her hair that same shitty red color cuz it's what the old guys liked. Her teeth not quite right? Bring up that you never go to the dentist because you have- and love- perfect teeth. Ask her about her father and knowingly insinuate that they obviously had a bad relationship. Say something noncommittal about her outfit ("Oh. You're wearing that. Cool...")

    Then buzz off at the end of the night without so much as an attempt at a hug/kiss/anything. Don't call her again.

    She'll call you.

    Put her off, and only accept an offer to hang out if you happen to be out drinking. She'll come out, hang all over you, and you'll be doing the no pants dance in no time.

    That, my friend, is what Charlie Sheen calls "Winning."

    Hey, they started it.