Friday, November 19, 2010

Threes Company or A Crowd...

My last full day in Dublin was spent being a total girl with Smitch.  We walked around Grafton St. hopping in and out of dressing rooms, drooling over shoes and talking about guys.  For most of the day I was in a serious debate over whether or not we should invite Mark out for my last night in Ireland.  Sure, sure we had a really great time the night before but why spoil a good thing?  Plus after tonight I’d most likely never speak to him again…it’s not like this was love at first site and I was certainly not going to try and have a relationship that spans a fucking ocean…so was it worth the effort?

After an entire shopping day of debate we decide I’ll send an open invitation to Mark for the nights festivities.  Smitch and I decided on a code signal (the ever so slick ear pull) we would use in case either of us was so sick of Mark or the current scene we would use our escape plan and bail.  (I’m so totally optimistic.)  When we finally invite him out he shows up hes alone!!!!  Perhaps under other circumstances this wouldn’t have been too big of a deal but Smitch and I were looking forward to really rocking the town and Mark just made himself the third wheel.  Fail Mark, epic fail.

We try to make the best of it but Mark, in his corduroy pants, turtle neck and leather jacket looked more like he was going to a funeral then a club…the quiet, shy thing he was doing wasn’t helping either.  Smitch and I desperately wanted to get away but he was so fucking nice guilt kept getting the best of us.  While we were in the bathroom, in separate stalls, we were discussing what to do and all the girls that overheard us started chiming in telling us to ditch him since there are plenty of other men out there.  Oh the hilarity.  We eventually ended up back at Café en Seine in hopes that the awesome atmosphere of dancing, drinking and hot people would perk up Mark or at the very least we’d be able to successfully lose him in the crowd (evil I know).

Neither happened.  Smitch and I had a blast dancing our asses off on the dance floor while I tried in every way I knew how to perk up Mark.  I could tell that he was “trying” but I don’t know if the fact that he was sober (he was downing drinks like a champ I assume to loosen up…) or if perhaps this is just who he is was to blame for what seem like a complete lack of enthusiasm.

We eventually leave and for some drunken reason decide to try and head back to the same club that tried to charge us 10 Euros to get in the night before and being that we got there at the exact same time the same exact thing happened.  We didn’t want to go in.  Although, the walk there was totally worth it.  Smitch took my camera and started taking the most random fucking pictures ever of all the things I’ll “miss about Dublin”.  This involved me doing completely ridiculous hilarious poses with things like leaves, a pedicab driver, a mannequin and a christmas tree.  And best of all Mark suddenly woke the fuck up!!  He was laughing, participating, flirting…oh happy day!

The Juicy Details:  While it wasn’t nearly the make-out, flirt sesh I was hoping for I definitely had a nice time with Mark…even though I do wish it didn’t take him so long to at least seem like he was having a good time.  When it was time to say goodbye we shared a few great kisses and sadly parted ways.  Naturally we texted a bit more during the night and before I got on the plane the next morning I sent him my email and told him to keep in touch.  I know I will ever see him again but we have a exchanged a few emails which is sweet.  All in all I would say Ireland was a major success!!!  I’m already missing it like crazy!!!

Stay tuned for my post about the hot, yet stupid, fireman I met last Friday!  Also, I’m off to Boston for the weekend so hopefully I’ll have some fabulous stories about the men in Bean Town for you next week!!  


  1. Nice to "meet" you through follow Friday. I will have to keep reading so that I can live vicariously and escape the "boring married life" for a bit!

  2. P.Y.T. where are the pics? I so seriously was hoping to see them somewhere in this post, lol! I'm glad you had a blast.

  3. I second that! Where are the pics??

  4. I had no idea anyone would be interested in the photos....silly me!!!

    Really though I wrote the post on my work laptop and all my pics are on my personal computer so that's my actual excuse.

    I promise to indulge all those who are interested with a few photos once I return from Boston...hopefully they are worth the wait!!!

  5. I want to see those photo's! I think my worst "random drunk photo sesh" involved a rubbish bin, a brick wall, some random man who happened to innocently walk past and attempting to lie on the floor in a sexy pose.

  6. Of course we want to see the pics- for those of us spending days trying to sneak wine into teacher meetings, we live for fun carefree vacation pics LOL

    I give you tremendous credit for not ditching. My patience would have been pretty thin in a trip's waning hours

  7. Photos are a must! :-) I loved Dublin and you are making me incredibly jealous that I haven't made a return trip yet!

  8. I miss weekends in Boston, I could definitely share a few stories there. Have so much fun!

  9. Glad Mark perked up. Can't wait to hear about your Boston weekend! When were you there?