Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thats Not My Name...

Last Friday night was Girls Night Out for me and Patches.  I had promised her before I left for Ireland that my first Friday home would be reserved for a super fun night out for the two of us since we were long overdue.  I was looking forward to it all week.

Being that neither one of us is capable of making a decision it took almost 2 dozen phone calls, a few BBMs and some gchats to get our asses in gear and make our way to the bar.  No, its not that difficult, we just make it seem that way. 

Anyway, the first bar we hit up, The Wild Goose, which is usually a fun place on Friday nights, turned out to be a total bust.  They charged us $5 to get in since they had a band, which I get and never have a problem with since I love bands.  Tonight I ended up having an issue being that the band blew, really bad and they were set up in the second room of the bar where you couldn't even order drinks.  Over in the other room where the full bar is located there was a DJ blasting music so loud you would never know there was a band in the other room had you not paid to get in.  So annoying.  I may have felt like this was a win-win, DJ or Band we would have our pick...but the band sucked and the DJ was way too loud for such a small, chill space that you couldn't enjoy either.  On top of it there was literally no eye candy.  Now, Patches and I were out for a girls night and not to scope for men (finding anyone would just be an added bonus) but itd be nice to at least have something yummy to look at besides my beer.  Basically all this combined made us decide that immediately after finishing our first and only beer we'd move on.

We made our way to Bootleg Mannings, another bar I've been to a few times and always manage to have a blast at.  These ginormous beers they have for only $5 may have something to do with it...

Another $5 cover due to another band, although we could hear from outside this band sounded great.  We scoped out the new scene and both immediately approved so the next order of business was getting beer in our belly.

While we were sitting down I felt someone staring at me.  I look over and see this tall, built, hot guy looking right at me.  I immediately turned my head and smiled because I was so caught off guard by how much my type he was.  This kept up for a few minutes...the looking back and forth and catching one another's eyes...until he finally looked over and say "What??" with a huge smile and lots of laughter.

Eventually he made his way over and we introduce ourselves.  I find out he's a fireman (score!!) and was just promoted to lieutenant (double score!) and lives in the area.  Patches and Torch (is that inappropriate??) happened to have a few friends in common and we were all having a great time getting to know each other.

When Patches got up to head to the bathroom Torch immediately starting laying on the compliments.  He kept telling me how hot I was and how my bangs were his "kryptonite".  He said he couldn't take his eyes off me so it was only a matter of time before he made his way over.  All the while our faces kept moving in closer and closer until he finally wrapped his big, fire scared hands around my little face and pulled me in for a kiss.  He was such a wonderful kisser...I could have kept that up the rest of the night.

Once Patches returned her smirk told me she definitely saw us kissing.  When Torch left to go get us beers we gushed about what a great guy he seemed to be.  So far the only downside was that he seemed a little dumb.  Now, I don’t mean to be critical or judgmental...it's just the things he was saying and the stories he was telling (ie - about him and his friends getting stoned all the time in high school and college) we both knew would soon get under my skin if I ever spent a decent amount of time with this guy.  I am all about giving people the benefit of the doubt and being that he was drunk and the stories were about the past I was willing to give a pass for the meantime.

When we were ready to get going Torch pleaded with me to stay but then settled on asking if he could see me tomorrow.  I was so surprised that it took me a second to answer.  99% of the time, in my experience, when you meet a guy out and they ask for your number its always with a promise that they will call you after some undetermined length of time.  Rare is it that you have a guy say he wants to see you again tomorrow...flutter!  We totally like Torch!

The Juicy Details:  After agreeing and sealing with a kiss to see him tomorrow Torch pulls out his phone to get my number.  He starts asking me if my number starts with 848 or some random area code and I quickly correct and say no I'm from NY its 917.  He questions me again to make certain I was sure as he's feverously hitting keys on his phone and finally holds it up and says "are you sure this isn't your number?"  He was dialing a number out of his phone...now let's not forget the fact that I hadn't given him my number yet so there is no way in hell he could be dialing it unless he was psychic...so this was awkward.  I thought for a split second that perhaps he had another PYT programmed in his phone and just got confused from being drunk...then I looked at the screen...and there it is...not only is it not a 917 but the name is EMILY!!!  Now I haven't told you my name but I will say it’s the furthest thing from Emily.  When I tell him this he looks at me confused and sad and again says "Are you sure?"...oh this is not going to end well.  I turn him over to Patches to have her reassure him of his "misunderstanding" and he ultimately just stands there looking helpless.  I really didn't know how to proceed here and just said "Don't worry about it...it was so nice to meet you." Then leaned in gave him a kiss and headed out. 

I was so disappointed and I suppose I could have just given him my number regardless and chalked the mistake to him being drunk...he had been drinking whiskey all night.  But I'm not that desperate.  Perhaps had he not been so adamant that he had the right number it would have ended differently.  I tried to save him from himself but it didn't fly.  I was so close to snagging a fireman (sort of  a little dream I've always had) and it all got fucked up.  I have decided though that if we go back there and I run into him again I wouldn't be opposed to giving it a second shot...so long as he avoids the whiskey.


  1. I am very sorry that your fireman hook up didn't pan out for you. Some guys just don't know when to shut up. :-(

    I have to admit that firemen are my kryptonite. I hate being smothered or having too many demands on my time and firemen are so busy that they fit perfectly into my schedule. They are randy and raunchy and I just love them!

  2. You drink beer on a girls night out?

    ... I think I'm in love

  3. Jewels - You are 100% right! There is something so raw and manly about firemen, its such a turn on. One day maybe we'll both find some hot firemen to entertain us!!!

    Lost - yes, yes I do =) I <3 you too!!!

  4. Firemen are sooo hot! I met an English one once in Latvia on my 30th birthday (looong story). He was super hot. But ended up being married (he so lied to me about it). And then he wrote me Facebook messages and I wrote back and then his wife found them and wrote me a message about never contacting her husband again I felt like a homewrecker. Oops. But I am totally getting off the topic.

    What a weird story. I don't get why he thought your name was Emily?