Tuesday, August 31, 2010

See you at 8...

I spoke to Husky last night.  I first called him when I thought he would be home but in fact he was running late and was only on the ferry.  So, he said he'd call me when he got in his car.  We eventually spoke later on last night and I danced my way through some sort of explanation about why I went MIA this weekend...I'd tell you what it was but I honestly don't remember what the fuck I said.  I can confidently say there was an apology, some bullshit and a desperate attempt to change the subject.  

Well long story short we are going to go out for ices tonight...nice and casual and delicious...plus it doesn't require me to sit there and have a meaningful conversation while simultaneously trying to navigate my way around an entrée, seem engaged and interested and maintain eye contact.  Dinner first dates are just too complicated...now ices on the other hand is a great first date.  I actually suggested to Patches recently that she does that for a first date...and she did...and they went out a second time...see, I'm a genius :)  

Anyway, 8pm tonight Husky is scheduled to pick me up.  This means I'll miss zumba =(  but I couldn't possibly say no again...so I'll go for a run and get excited for some chocolate cupcake flavored ice...now excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.

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