Monday, August 30, 2010

Can We Reschedule...???

Well, first I would like to welcome all my new readers!!  I’m thrilled to have you hear for the ride & hope you know what you’ve got yourselves into ;-)  Buckle your seatbelts because now that summer is coming to an end I intend for things to really pick up on the dating front…after all I only have 4 months to seek out my 2011 NYE kiss…kidding…maybe…(c’mon, don’t judge me, NYE is a big deal and while I don’t mind sucking face with a bottle of champagne I prefer a man)

I just had one of those epic weekends you want to repeat over and over again but you know if you do you’ll probably die.  I stayed up until 5am two nights in a row, danced, drank and cancelled a date.  I just realized that my last post was also about a cancelled date so now I’m giving the impression this is some sort of habit.  But it’s really not, I promise I’m not usually like this!  Allow me to elaborate…

I spoke with Husky (he has eyes like the dogs) on Thursday night.  During the conversation he asked me about my weekend plans so I mention that I have no idea what I’m going to do with my Friday night yet and Saturday I had a party in Hoboken with my college friends since one of our friends was visiting from Texas.  Mistake number 1 which I almost never make…I admitted I was free Friday night and had absolutely no prospective plans.  Well Husky went in for the kill and asked if he could take me to dinner Friday night.  Fuck! X 1000!!!  Naturally my first reaction is to want to say no and propose another night, however, I already said I was free so what kind of excuse could I possibly come up with that would fly with him?  Yeah, you got it, there isn’t anything.  So, through gritted teeth as I bang my head on the wall I say Sure! as enthusiastically as I could.  As you know I have a weird “thing” about first dates on the weekend so this was kind of killing me.  Rules are meant to be broken…right?

WRONG!!!  So, very, very fucking wrong!!!  this is a perfect example of why you should never second guess yourself…during the day on Friday I find out that my friend will no longer be around on Saturday and we are going out Friday night instead.  See, had I not scheduled this date there would be no question that I would be there and my lack of plans would be taken care of.  Everyone wins.  Not this time.  Now, I’m forced to call this guy up and ask him to reschedule…now I’m the asshole.  Now can you all see why weekends are sacred and need to be off limits to first dates??  A night out with your best friends from college…guaranteed shit show vs. a night with a guy you’ve never met eating Thai in Brooklyn…yeah, I just bored myself with typing that.

I call Husky once the plans were confirmed with my friends, I didn’t want to call until I knew the whole story, and it was only 3hrs before we were supposed to go out.  Yeah I know, how fucked up am I?  Aside from one “you know you could have called me earlier” comment, which I can’t blame him for, Husky took it pretty well.  I think in an attempt to not feel rejected he quickly said we should hang out Saturday night instead being that my plans were switched to Friday.  So sorry husky, not quite the way it works.  But regardless, I told him we would talk the next day and figure it out aka I quickly got to Hoboken partied my ass off then made plans to do it again

The Juicy Details – I really would like to go out with Husky, he seems like a nice guy.  It was just awful timing on his part to try and make plans this weekend.  I can’t be held accountable for the invitations I receive…I can be for accepting them…but can you blame me?  Hell no!!  So Husky tried to contact me on Saturday and I turned into a total coward!!  It was pathetic.  But really....eager much??  Perhaps I should be flattered but I wasn't...I was actually annoyed that this guy didn't have his own plans or enough pride to at least hide the fact he was free all weekend.  I ignored his call and the guilt ate away at me, until I had my first beer of the day then it wasn’t so bad.  But really, how could I possibly expect to hang out with him if I wont even pick up the phone.  I just really didn’t want to have to explain myself and my Saturday night plans.  Isnt that the beauty of being single?  Go where you want, when you want, with who you want and not have to explain yourself to anyone?!  Yep, that’s what I thought.  I’m going to try and give Husky a call after work today and see if he hates me too much to get together for real.  Why am I acting like such a guy?!  Haha…oops.

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  1. UPDATE: As I posted this I got an email from Husky saying he never heard back from me this weekend and hopes I'm ok...aww, sweet! So, perhaps that call to him won't be so bad afterall :)