Monday, August 29, 2011

Don't Drink & Drive...

Time to play a little catch up & update.  As per my last post I did see both Wolf & Grant last week…in fact I saw them both 3 times last week.  I’ve basically settled into the thinking that Grants little display of drunken affection was just that…he was drunk and people do stupid shit when they are wasted.  I’m totally ok and relieved with this.  He is a really great guy but I don’t see him as more than a friend so better to let the drunk texts/calls lie.  Wolf however is another story.  Apparently everyone around us seems to think there is something going on…and on some level there is…its that flirty, make out, touchy feely level…nothing extremely significant…we have chemistry and people pick up on that, no surprise. 

We went out Tuesday night for a friend’s birthday…it was fun, everyone was having a great time.  Being that I had to drive to the beer garden (we seem to be spending a lot of time there lately) I was offered up to drive Wolf, Grant and another friend of ours home since I would be passing by their place anyway.  Well, while in the backseat of my car Wolf and Grant start going through everything back there.  The two of them seem to have an obsession of rummaging through peoples things…typically this would be obnoxious and borderline rude but they are funny about doing it so its hard to get too mad…until they went into a bag of clothes I had and pulled out my bra.  What the FUCK guys!!!  I was kind of mortified but tried to play it cool as I grabbed the bra and scolded them like the children they were acting like.  Fucking men. 

When I pull up to their building everyone gets out except for Wolf.  He was asking me to park and come in and hang out…he said we were having too much fun for me to go home yet.  Then gave me the puppy dog eyes.  Not fair.  I resisted and told him I’d see him tomorrow for his birthday so he should just be patient.  He got out and insisted I get out of the car to give him a hug goodbye.  Apparently rolling down my window and waving wasn’t satisfactory enough for him.  So I hop out of the car and just as I’m stretching my tiny arms up to reach his sky high shoulders he grabs my waist and picks me up which causes a wave of giggles to come out (something about a guy picking me up makes me all kinds of tickled) and ultimately causes what I think was him potentially going in for a kiss to be an epic fail.  And that’s totally fine since our friends were watching and that would be kind of awkward anyway.

Fast forward to the next day.  Its Wolfs birthday and our last kickball game of the season.  I end up at his apartment to cut up our shirts and have a few pre-game drinks.  As I’m cutting up his shirt he starts rubbing my legs coming on how smooth they are (thank god I shaved!!!)…oh Wolf.  We all eventually leave, head to the field, play some kickball, lose the game and proceed to the bar.  We always win at the bar.  The night ended up being epic.  We were all having so much fun and I was proud of myself for not being so stand-offish to Wolf while still getting some flirt time in with a couple of other guys (one of them actually asked me out…I need to keep my options open!!)

At the end of the night I was ready to head home and Wolf seemed to be packing up as well so I asked him (without any ulterior motives!!!) if he would mind walking me to my car…better not to be walking alone by myself at night.  Its what my mom would have wanted.  So naturally him walking me turned into me dropping him off.  Which turned into one of, if not the, hottest make-outs in a car I have ever had.  Ever.  We were sitting there talking then he starts messing with the radio, I ended up leaning in to see what he was doing…our faces were too close to resist and BAM…fireworks from there.  At one point I was nearly straddling him in the passenger seat…we were twisting and turning every which way, I can’t even really tell you how it worked.  It kind of reminded me of Jack and Rose in the back of that car on the Titanic…minus the backseat, the sex, the nakedness, the boat and the people chasing after us…so maybe it was nothing like that at all but the intensity they felt was probably the same.   Yeah, whatever…all I knew was that it was hot and cant-catch-your-breath-fun.  I’ve never truly felt the “thrill of being caught” before (I used to beg my ex to have sex on the sun deck of my old building but he never would…lame!!) but this little tryst in my car finally gave me a sense of what that’s like.  Cars would pass by and there were people walking on the street…it was all very exciting. 

At one point I sat back and realized how much time had passed by and just how exhausted I was…despite how much fun I was having.  I reluctantly told Wolf I need to get home and he enthusiastically countered with “or you can just park”.  Ah, the inevitable sleep over invitation.  After about 15minutes of debate I decided that being I had been drinking and based on that alone probably shouldn’t be driving…coupled with how exhausted  I was (it was nearly 2am) that for my own personal safety as well as that of the other innocent people on the road I really shouldn’t be driving anywhere.  I told Wolf that I would stay but we are going right to sleep and nothing is happening…’I will not be sleeping with you’ is exactly what I told him and ‘don’t think this is going to become a habit’.

this is almost exactly how we slept all night...

We were good…I swear.  And while it was responsible I’m not pleased I ended up staying over.  Well the snuggling was wonderful (I’m such a sucker for that) and the part of me that misses waking up next to someone was temporarily appreciative for the company.  “Someone” forgot to set his alarm which made me wake up late and ultimately late to work…he seemed to find it funny…jackass.  As I rushed out of there and got to my car I went to reach for my phone…motherfuckingsonofabitch…I forgot my damn phone in his room.  You MUST be joking me.  I was nearly on the verge of tears thinking how its going to look for me to go back there and wake him up.  I considered just leaving it there but decided that would be worse.  I am 100% going to look like that girl who managed to “forget” something at the guys place.  Fuck!!!  Needless to say, after he answered the door I sheepishly darted to his room grabbed my phone, apologized for waking him up and bolted.  He proceeded to tease me about it all weekend.  Stay tuned for the gossip about Wolf & Grants keg party!!


  1. Oh, the car make-out. When done right, it can be such a beautiful thing. Or you could end up with a seat belt thingy poking your butt cheek. So y'know.

  2. Awwwwwww, YAY!! Get it, girl :) GOOD FOR YOU! And I miss having a snuggle partner. I miss those. Loved everything about this post--there's no greater feeling in the world, is there?!

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