Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Guys & A Girl...

I got a new FWB (aka follower for my blog) and in honor of you I decided not to be a lazy waste of space today and crank out this post just for you!!  ;)

Its always exciting when a new bar finally opens…and it’s a huge relief when you go and see that the wait was totally worth it because it’s awesome.  This happened last weekend when a few of my new kickball friends and I headed over to the new beer garden that opened in Hoboken.  They should totally pay me for plugging their bar or at least give me a free liter of beer (or two) but truth is the Pilsener Haus & Biergarten is pretty awesome and a great place for a date or a day/night out with friends.  Oh and get the muscles…they are incredible.
I got there earlier with a few others and anticipated the arrival of Wolf (who is the Guy from my last post).  I was actually looking forward to seeing him not only because I looked great but because I had been laying the ground work all week on keeping in touch with him and was hoping it may pay off when we’re in person.
I can honestly say the whole time we were there together there was subtle flirting and lots of eye contact.  Eventually he and his roommate were going to leave to head to another bar and both were begging me to join them, however, my sister and some of her friends had just got to the beer garden so I promised I’d keep in touch with them and would see about meeting up later.
No less than 5 minutes after he left Wolf was texting me about coming to meet him.  I’d keep replying snarky little things like “what do you miss me that much already?”  to which he’d confirm that yes, he kinda did.  Cute. 
Well eventually I started getting texts from his roomie asking where I was.  Then just to throw a nice twist to things he was asking if I wanted to hang out with him at his apartment.  WHAT???  I knew exactly what he was thinking but decided to play dumb anyway.  This was just too weird.  I now had two roommates both texting me to come hang out with them as individuals, not a good.  Dear God. 

 Eventually texts turned to calls.  Grant, the roomie, was doing the I’m-completely-wasted-so-I’m-going-to-call-every-minute-till-you-answer bit.  I was hoping I could just ignore the calls long enough for him to wear himself out.  Wolf and I were still just texting and eventually he asked me to call him.  I had literally just got in my car so I figured why not.  I could tell he was definitely a bit buzzed as he was insisting that I drank too much to drive home and its not safe.  Clearly his solution was that I needed to come stay over with him.  When I insisted in return that I only had two beers the entire day/night and was more then fine to drive he changed tactics.  It now turned into him really wanting to see me, begging to see me in fact…in a way hearing him on the phone pleading “PYT please come, please I really want to see you” was actually kind of cute.  Almost enough to change my mind.  He was pulling out all the stops…saying that it’d be such a perfect time because I could sleep over and then we could spend all day Sunday hanging out and watching movies since it was going to be pouring rain and the perfect snuggling day.  AAAHHH damn it Wolf, snuggling is my weakness. 
I will full admit that had my sister not been out and driving right behind me in her car there is a really good chance I would have given in after the rainy day snuggle proposal.  I will also admit that I told him if he really wants to hang out with me and have sleepovers like that he should actually make a plan with me, ask me out and not call me at 2am and think its gonna work.  He said he knows but could I please still come over anyway.  Jesus….men!!!
 The next day Grant had texted me trying to piece together his night and was mortified about how much he texted me.  I assured him it wasn’t a big deal and made no mention his roomie was guilty of the same thing.  I wonder if either of them know what the other was up to…could you even imagine what it would have been like if I had given in to either one of about awkward…yet, somehow hilarious.  Oh and apparently they do Sunday dinner every Sunday and Grant extended an invite to me…I’m going to have to take because I love when men can cook.  I offered to make dessert…no way either one of them won’t be in love with me after that.   
Anyway, I’m going to see Wolf tomorrow, not sure about Grant, but frankly, I’m feeling over the whole thing.  Funny how after a bit you just get bored with it all and now as fate would have it I’ll just bet he shows interest.  Day late, dollar short.  Stay tuned love bugs.  

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  1. "I told him if he really wants to hang out with me and have sleepovers like that he should actually make a plan with me, ask me out and not call me at 2am" - nice work! You go girl! Let's hope he listens and gives you more of what you want (time alone together, snuggling, dates?) without him trying to set it up so that sex comes first!


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