Friday, May 6, 2011

HELP!!! The Marine vs Hot Work Boy...Tonight!!!

Ok everyone, this is not going to be well written, may not even make sense but I’m trying to type as fast as my mind is racing and my heart is beating.  I’m totally freaking the fuck out and I need your opinion!!

So, the end of my epic weekend involved the Arts and Music Festival in Hoboken along with run-ins with Dipshit and a few of his friends one who almost literally knocked me over (and by run-ins I mean I saw them, don’t know if they saw me but no conversation was had, no one ran in the other direction, no eye contact made…so yeah probably the best way that could have happened)…there was delish festival food which always turns me into a piglet and then drinks.

Obviously there would be drinks.  KK, new friend Miss and I went over to McSwiggin’s after a failed attempt on the rooftop of the Dubliner (that place has turned into a huge disappointment, including my date with the Rival, who btw has resurfaced with a couple of random txts, weirdo).  After scoping out the men I went and hunted down a table.  I was successful and also managed to catch the eye of not one but two hotties (one who happens to be a Marine)…who were clearly friends since they were chatting and sitting at the same table (duh).  I later learned one had texted the other saying he thought he was getting "looks" from me hahahah...boys!!

Well cutting out all the in between bullshit  after about 3 beer towers, numerous irresponsible drinking games and lots of laughs we made our way inside and the Marine and I started getting close.  Before I knew it we were making out at the bar, chatting away and having a blast.  Eventually he blurts out that he’s normally not so forward but he really wants to spend the night with me.  What is with guys these days???  I’m not complaining…just totally surprised.  He was saying its my “patriotic duty” to sleep with him since he is a Marine and is going off to Afghanistan in less than a month…and yes, despite killing bin laden he is still going.  Funny.  He was trying to convince me to stay in Hoboken for the night but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

He walked me to my car when I left and asked about my plans for the rest of the week and promised to see me again.  Apparently when he went back to the bar after walking me out he went up to KK who was still there and told her “I really like your friend”…how sweet.  Well everyone…this is what its all supposed to look like…we chatted through Monday and he made plans to take me to dinner on Tuesday.  So this is what a guy who is interested in a girl is supposed to do…what all the books, “experts”, etc tell you about.  So, I kind of cancelled the dinner idea but offered ices instead.  He came to pick me up, rang the bell and opened the door for me…we shared ices and then went for a few drinks.  I know he was undressing me with his eyes the whole time and I have to tell you, I didn’t even care.  It was sexy and I was enjoying his company more then I can say.

He asked to see me again Wednesday night but he had dinner plans with friends in the city pretty late and there was no way I’d be up for going out to the city at that time.  We tried to hang out last night but we were in different places and it was tough.  Now comes tonight.  He told me he really wants to see me before he leaves and is looking into changing his flight tomorrow (yes, he leaves tomorrow) so we can spend a little more time together.

I had plans with friends in Hoboken tonight so he said he’d get a room in the W (yes that implies what you think) and asked if I could take him to the airport the next day.  I have NEVER taking a guy to the airport and I always imagined thats reserved for girlfriends and family.  Just imagining bidding goodbye to a Marine after spending what I'm sure will be quite a passionate evening with him and sending him off to war just tickles me in all sorts of seems ridiculous and like, ummm is this my life?  Who is scripting this???  This doesn't happen in real life, I'm sorry.  Wow, just breathe.  Its all completely fascinating and seems unreal.  Like this should be in some cheesy book or Nicholas Sparks movie. Now don't get me wrong I'm not thinking this is necessarily romantic or that this guy will sweep me off my feet...there is just something really exciting about it.  Not sure why...

Here is my dilemma.  Pre-Marine, there is a guy I’ve known for a long time…Hot Work Boy…he and I have this unresolved romance.  From the second we met at work there was sexual tension and so much attraction.  Basically our MO is to hang out and make out.  I don’t think there has been a time we’ve hung out that our lips haven’t locked.  We’ve never done more, I think I’ve only seen him with his shirt off in pictures but we’ve both talked about wanting to.  Recently he’s been texting me asking why we’ve never dated, why we’re both so hot and still single and expressing how much he wants to “smush” me…there we go again with the sex and the jersey shore…sensing a pattern???  

Anyway, he lives in LI and spends a bunch of time in Hoboken and we haven’t seen each other in quite a while.  So earlier this week he asked to see me tonight and made plans for a night out in the boken.  FUCK!!!  So, now I have Hot Work Boy and the Marine both wanting to see me tonight and I’m completely torn about what to do.  I’ll be honest, I wish I could hang out with both, go back to the W with the Marine and have some posh overnight love affair, never having Hot Work Boy find out about it and pick up normal life once the Marine ships off.  Reality says that will never happen.  One good thing and plus with Hot Work Boy is that he's not going anywhere...he'll be here and I know I'll see him again.  This doesn't make my decision any easier.

The Marine texted me earlier telling me that he really likes me and thinks I’m a really great girl and that he’s not trying to hang out with me just for sex.  That he really enjoys talking to me and thinks I’m a lot of fun.  While that is sweet a part of me can’t help but want to scream bullshit…this reads I want sex before I go to war all over it.  I mean he was even joking about how he needs to have “good bye good luck” sex.  All in good fun I suppose but its still my life we’re messing with.  So while I do believe he likes me I can’t imagine that I’d hear from him again or see him again for that matter…but he could prove me wrong, he seems to have that potential.

So, what do you all think?  What should I do?!?!  Help!!!!


  1. Hot Work Boy will still be here after the Marine leaves. What is your question?

    Ok, less facetiously, HWB has had plenty of opportunity to make his move and has taken his good old time getting around to it. So why make it easier for him now? If he's as interested as he makes out, you're telling him "not tonight" should ramp his interest up some more.

    I say go for the Marine!

  2. Sads about the Dubliner! Spent many a drunken night there in my boken days!

    Anyway...I believe you have a patriotic duty to bone the Marine. There I said it.

    Tell Hot work boy you're hanging out with friends one of which you won't get to see for awhile and ask if you can resched providing him with some options. Then come back here (or email) with the deets on what happens...although no need to get in to too much detail :)

  3. I disagree with Hutch. I too sense bullshit and wonder how many other women he has used this scenario on? Do you know for sure he's even a Marine? I saw go for HWB.

  4. It's your "patriotic duty"? Seriously? He REALLY used that one? *sigh* Well, whatever you decide, remember protection. And I'm talking about packing heat.

  5. I think that patriotic duty line was kinda D-bag, but hey, you obviously WANT to spend the night with him ~ so do it, see what happens, if nothing else, you'll have fun! But wrap it up, cuz military boys are kind of whores. lol.

    Work boy seems like he's been around for awhile, make him wait a few more days, he'll live!


  6. Okay, clearly I'm late to this party and you already made your decision. Having read all of this (and the post that follows) I think it's pretty obvious that you made the right choice.

    I'm sad to hear about the Dubliner. I always like that place (but haven't been there in quite a while).

    Also, I disagree with Hutch, but really only with the providing us with too many details part. What?! Hey, if I'm not getting any presently, then I like to hear that others are!