Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Gonna Smile Cause I Deserve To....

From the emotional to the enjoyable…I took you down a rough road yesterday and now in preparation for the WEEKEND lets turn the heat up a notch and indulge in the flirtatious escapades I’ve had over the past week.  My horoscope was so dead on the other day it was frightening (I like to look at it once in a while for amusement)…it said something along the lines of how I’m going through a lot of shit right now but I’m going to see little signs of things starting to get really fucking awesome.  Hell yeah!!  Just what I need.  And you know what those little signs are really there.

Let me tell you (and I will preface this by saying this will make me sound totally full of myself but I’m just being completely honest!!!),  when I was younger and I set my sights on something I wanted I almost always got it.  Men in particular.  I have not a damn clue how I did it.  I try to think back to how I behaved back then or what I may have done but I had some God-given talent that was undeniably fucking awesome!!!  Over the years that the Shithead saga took place God certainly did taketh away my talent.  Why God…why???  But, baby, I do believe it’s coming back!  Let’s explore…

Last Friday I headed out with Roxy, an incredible girl I met through Baby who will be added to my Best People Ever section asap, to Hoboken for a friend’s birthday.  I was so excited to see where the night would take us because whenever we are out its always a blast.  Roxy has this really refreshing, I don’t give a shit, anything goes kind of attitude that makes anything fun.  We down a few glasses of wine at her apartment and after the most ridiculous train adventure we finally make it to the party.  At one point we are standing there laughing, dancing and drinking when I notice this adorable guy sitting on a couch across the table trying to say something to us.  He’s making some kind of motions with his hands and I hear something about a drink.  I had to have asked half a dozen times “Do I want a drink?”  “Oh, you want a drink?”  “Do I have a drink?”  It felt like 20 questions.  It wasn’t my fault though because the music was so fucking loud I swore Id walk out of that place deaf, if I wasn’t already.  

Finally he stands up, walks over, comes up super close and puts his hand on my waist…I immediately get chills…and asked if I would like a drink. Naturally I said yes and in no time he returns with drinks in hand.  Next thing I know we are chatting and dancing and having a great time.  He started to get really self conscious for some reason about the glasses he was wearing and Roxy and I quickly reassured him that they looked great and he needed to keep wearing them.  Rugrat (and I’ll explain this name shortly) was so completely my type…he was the hot, manly, geeky type…built, glasses, well dressed and well spoken…sigh, a boy after my own heart or at least my physical attraction lol  Anyway, we continue on as we were and we get onto the college topic and I find out he graduated in ’08…immediately I see COUGAR flashing in my head.  Rugrat is potentially 3 years younger than me.  Just lovely.  Now I never, until now, go for a younger guy and this was freaking me out a little.  As far as I can remember he never asked me when I graduated or how old I was…so being that he took my number this could get interesting.

Now fast forward to Tuesday night and I’m checking my gmail and imagine my surprise to get a gchat from none other than Jim from The Office Episodes 1 and 2!!  He was inviting me to come out Wednesday night for a little birthday celebration he was having.   Now hearing from him isn’t completely out of the blue…from our last date we had kept in touch and kept saying here and there that we should try and plan to get together…just neither of us were able to make it happen.  He was emphasizing how much he would like me to be there which was so nice to hear but there was no way I was going unless one of my girls came with me.  I was not about to stand around while he is the center of attention with 30 people I don’t know all by myself.  I just wasn’t in the mood.  So, thankfully Baby said she would join me!  Awesome!  This week keeps looking up.

The Juicy Details – There is actually one more tale to tell but I just can’t get to it without wrapping up the other two first.  Well to start…Rugrat and I have been chatting all week.  He invited me to come to a party at his place on Saturday (the day after we met) but I was already busy and then he asked again Saturday night but again more of the same.  We tried a couple of other times this week to make plans but timing has just been working against us so far.  I’m trying to see if he would want to meet up with Patches and I tonight as we tear up Brooklyn but we’ll see.  In the long run though, I hope to make plans soon and its exciting he seems so interested.  I'm still not 100% sure about the age issue yet...I'm really on the fence about it...but I'm adopting a just-go-with-it kind of attitude so I figure at the very least it'll be fun, so what the hell.

Unfortunately I didn’t end up seeing Jim.  Baby crapped out on me since she said she wasn’t feeling well.  I tried to scramble and get another girlfriend to come with me but no one was available.  This could have been worse though because not only did I get other really awesome plans but I got to hear Jim express his disappointment and was asked to promise we’ll get drinks next week (I’m not holding my breath but fingers crossed everyone!)  

So, instead of seeing Jim I went out with Roxy to BB Kings in the city.  We saw a few awesome bands and had a blast.  While we are outside there were two cops, one who I declared from the moment I saw him as soo hot (probably my exact words).  A girl from our group had eyes for his partner and eventually dragged him away to try and get him to take her number...what some girls will do!!  While I was cracking up about what was happening I caught the eye of the hot cop and say out loud for him and just about everyone to hear “I’m sorry but if I were her I’d at least pick the hot one!”  Hello word vomit!!!  Did that just seriously fucking happen??  Well, once my face stopped flushing we found ourselves in a great conversation and as Roxy was pulling me away he asked for my number.  And yes, he actually got in touch.

My friends, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s safe to say my talent is returning...Hallelujah!!!   


  1. This is so fun to read... It has been FOREVER since I dated (married 10 years now). I also liked to keep things light and date as many men as possible.
    Keep your eye out for a winner!!

  2. this is like the epitome of my life.

  3. Haha, oh the woes and hilarity of dating. I love the brutal honesty of your blog!

    Letting you know that you won a blog award. You can claim it here:

    I hope you had a great weekend! ;)

  4. Yay for the conquest and talent :) nice blog too!

  5. This was a really fun read. Thanks for sharing! I do hope that you had fun - really had fun - through all the "trials and tribulations" of the weekend.

    Remember you are young and you only live once - so enjoy it!!!!

  6. Thank you everyone for all your comments!!! I've totally sucked this week at being attentive...shocker....

    Jennifer - my eyes are peeled...hopefully you can relive some of your dating days through me ;-)

    Paige - I bet we could exchange stories for days

    Lis - thank you post about the award is going up in a few min.

    Marsy - the talent...ooooh the feel soo good to have it returning!!! and thank you, glad you like it!!!

    Kat - such a very, very true statement. and there is a difference btwn having a good time and really truly being out and enjoying yourself...I'd say that was how this weekend thumbs up!!!

  7. Ha Ha! My number one rule has always been no one younger than me. PERIOD! Somehow the guy I am with now is younger (not sure how this happened, hee hee) and he is a wonderful man. Some rules are meant to be broken I guess. The age thing is not near the issue I thought it would be for me.

  8. My husband is actually three years younger than me. Although, it was almost a deal breaker when we first met, I decided to continue seeing him despite the age difference. I am happy to say that, almost 12 years and 2 kids later, I'm glad that I didn't allow that to deter me from going for mine. Lol Love the blog and the content, it is a nice change of pace. I'm now following and I found you via Follow Friday on Blog Frog.