Monday, January 3, 2011

Go Girl, Its Your Birthday!

Hope you all had a fabulous New Years!!!

Its finally happened...I have officially entered my LATE 20s.  I'm trying my best not to panic but its getting hard. Someone at work this morning asked exactly how old I was an I nearly choked while trying to get the answer out.


I don't feel old yet.  I do feel slightly petrified that now guys will look at me and be all "oh she's too old...lets go for the younger model".  Like with electronics...everyone wants whats hot and new on the shelves..pre-order the next big thing.  I mean, I think I could rock the shit out of the next big thing but will everyone else know that???  I don't even know what in the shit I'm saying...see, old age is already fucking with my mind and making me say stupid shit.

Perhaps I'd fare better comparing myself to wine, which as we all know gets so much more delicious with age.  I'll be so enjoyable there will be no need for a doggie bag...

And obviously with age comes class....

and I'm one classy bitch!!  Only after you've been around a while do you learn the exquisite joys of champagne to the face.  Join my celebrations tonight by having a bottle of wine in honor of my birthday!!!  It'll be the best thing you've done all year!!

Tune in tomorrow for the 411 on my NYE!!!  Its time for me to start drinking!


  1. Happy Birthday! I think you've got plenty more years of being young - I'm nearly four years older than you and I hope that I can still pass for young for a while! I look forward to reading about your NYE escapades!

  2. Happy Birthday! To me you are the younger model so trust, you're not old!

  3. Happy Birthday! least you aren't 30...that one hit me like a ton of bricks!

  4. After being back to work after vacay...I totally need a bottle of wine. Today is


  5. Happy Birthday! And I absolutely PROMISE you that your late 20's are your best ever. Live it up let me tell you because it's your 30's you have to worry about. Take it from an OLD and wise 32 year old.