Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mix Well, Let Simmer...

They say good things come to those who wait…and I waited…and man were things oh-so-good.  Two long weeks which included a crap ton of social obligations, even more personal errands, one miserable experience and a make-myself-feel-better shopping excursion of epic proportions went by before I saw Sauce again.  A BBM chat about nothing of any significance turned into me driving over to his apartment looking forward to finding comfort and distraction with him. 

As usual Sauce came outside to meet me when I got there, which I find to be such a gentleman-like thing to do, and plants the sweetest kiss on me as we hug hello…Hellooo to you too Sauce ;)  We sit on the couch side by side…for some reason no matter how much room we have we always sit practically on top of each other.  Sauce has this sweet way of draping his hand over my leg when we are sitting and chatting…its such a subtle, gentle way of making contact and letting me know I’m on his mind and I’m not gonna lie, I totally adore it.  Then he starts asking me about what happened at work because he wants to know who he needs to kill for fucking with his girl (don’t misread that for girlfriend…he just means a girl he cares about)  So, I tell him just enough and its nice to talk to him because he’s wonderful at listening but I make sure not to say too much since him being a former Marine (girls, you’ve got to see this guy in uniform) and a current cop I fear he would actually hurt someone who wronged me given the opportunity.  No joke.  I find no reason to add fuel to his fire.  Once all that is out of the way we are just relaxing watching tv and the next thing I know Sauce says “So how long do I have to wait for you to kiss me?”  And before I even have an opportunity to answer its game on!!

He pulls me from my spot on the couch over to him and before I know it my legs are wrapped around his waist, his arms are around mine and we are almost instantly hot and breathing deeply.  I swear to god this man turns me on like no other.  I’ve known him since I was 16 and this has never changed.  So there we are just taking in every moment of every kiss.  The next thing I know he’s standing up with me still wrapped around him and carries me to his room.  I have never felt so light (he carried me like I weighed 2lbs) and desired (who knew a guy carrying you to bed is just as hot as it seems in the movies).

Now we are just rolling around on the bed like high school kids making out like the world depended on it.  All the while our clothes are all on, our hands are behaving and yet we are sweating, panting and incapable of stopping.  Once in a while we pause to smile, lock eyes and take in what’s happening.  He mentions at one point how he’s been chasing me forever and can’t believe we are here in this moment right now.  And I’ll be honest, I couldn’t either.

I don’t think I have ever been as turned on as I was that night just from kissing in such innocent ways.  Perhaps the innocence of being completely clothed and knowing we weren’t going to sleep together helped make it as steamy as it was.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like if we ever actually rip each other’s clothes off and proceed to devour each other bit by bit.  I’d never forget that night, that’s for sure.

The Juicy Details:  The few times either of us actually said anything Sauce managed to sneak in there how much he wanted me to spend the night.  It put such a smile on my face each and every time he said it.  At one point while we were finally catching our breaths and our limbs were all tangled we both fell asleep.  I could have stayed there till forever.  It felt so comfortable, so sweet, so exactly what I needed…but I decided it would be best for me to go home…but not before Sauce had the chance to strike up a very interesting conversation.  He said to me how he thinks this could be really great…and naturally I agreed.  But then put him on the spot a little and said…”this making out?”  he says “well yeah but more than that just us spending time together.”…my heart literally stopped.  He then tells me he wants to see me as much as possible (which for us isn’t too much because of our schedules which I’ve told you about before)…and that he wants to take things slow and see where they go.  So to make sure I’m not delusional and dreaming and making shit up in my head (I’ve been known to do this) I clarify…”see where they go how?  You mean like dating?”  Sauce: “Yeah”  Deep breath.  Certainly part of me was thinking this may happen based on our past conversations but the other half, the part with the logic and the strength thought it was a ridiculous notion…him wanting to date me.  But no, apparently it wasn’t ridiculous. 

I will just clarify that I do not consider us exclusive, hell I don’t even consider us to be dating at this point.  We will hang out and see what happens.  I have no expectations whatsoever.  In fact, I feel like he’ll just forget about the conversation and that will be that.  (just an fyi we were both stone cold sober when all this happened)  I don’t know it just all seems too easy and a part of me is apprehensive, nervous….terrified.  I still don’t know what I want, but I’m not going to pass this up.  It’s wonderful that we’ll take it slow because it will give me, hopefully, enough time to figure this and myself out.  I’m actually going away for 9 days tomorrow and will (fingers crossed) see Sauce tonight before I go…and lets hope while I’m gone he doesn’t miraculously meet someone else squashing this entire thing before it really even began.  Damn it bad timing!!!

But anyway, ladies and gentlemen….Sauce just got spicy!!! ;-)

PS - I would just like to enlighten you all about a little something I learned from Sauce that night...he would gently pull down my bottom lip and kiss/lick the inside of sounds weird and seemed insane at first...but then i realized it was amazing...I dont know if there are a bunch of nerve endings in there or something but wow!!!  Go, try this now.  Your welcome.


  1. I love reading your posts. You have knack for putting what a lot of woman feel into words. I may not comment a lot, but I do read what you write. And I say, take a chance with "sauce" :) It never hurts to try.

  2. oh god im going through a dry spell right now and let me jsut say i am a little jealous...