Friday, October 15, 2010

In Case You Were Curious....

Well, this was a quiet week...for a few reasons...first and foremost I have been exhausted recently...even more so then my pregnant friend...sympathy exhaustion perhaps?  Doubtful.  I finally got to the doctor last night and she gave me some wonderful prescription meds which yours truly naturally forgot to take this morning (its really tough being a fucking genius) so hopefully 10 days from now or 11 since I forgot today...I will feel much more ummm perky??  Whatever.  I just want to stop being so goddamn tired, is it really too much to ask??

Anyway, as the weekend is approaching I wanted to shoot out a quick update about a few things.  First, Rugrat tried to step up his game last night much to my surprise.  Up until now all our successful/failed attempts to see each other have been party other words we text each other furiously while we are out with friends and attempt to combine parties and meet up.  Ridiculous, immature...yet, spontaneous and exciting.  Weird how that happens.  Yesterday, however, he proposes a movie date...for a movie that isn't out in theaters yet.  I can't figure that out either.  But he redeemed himself by saying rainy nights are perfect movie nights and he has some great movies from netflix.  Sadly, we had to take a raincheck because the two of us were both fighting to stay awake.  But hey, this is a step in a promising direction!

Sauce and I have been doing our typical flirt texting and somehow via dozens of comments we annihilated my sisters wall with I may have somehow convinced him to cook something for us in his "amazing" sauce.  Score!  I'm going to put this boy to work while getting to check out if he is actually a good cook.  For all the years I've known him he's never cooked for me, I've only heard constantly how much he enjoys it and how good he is.  What a tease.  I can't wait to find out for myself if the rumors (he started) are true.

Lastly, non-man or date related...I participated in a virtual round table discussion over at a lovely blog called The Ladies Room.  Head on over to check out my responses to some of the most common questions surrounding men and dating. I think you'll enjoy it!

Thats all for now...its Ladies Night tonight and Patches and I are geared up and ready to find some of NYC's hottest bachelors...wish us luck!!  And I believe we should be crossing paths tonight with Gryph which really just means one thing...trouble...lots of all the best possible ways!! :)


  1. Hi, I participated in that thing, too! You definitely did the best job though. I might have embarrassed myself a little. : )

  2. P.Y.T. - I love your blog! So fun to read. Keep up the great writing.

  3. It is clear that I need to live vicariously through you and your fabulous dates, since my dating life is dismally silent. Glad I found you!! ;)