Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hug a Random Stranger

Saturday night was girls night.  You know the kind that starts with you all going to get manicures then hitting up the liquor store for two bottles of wine to bring to the BYOB restaurant for your table of 3…

Armed with our bottles in hand MJ, A-Bomb and I head across the street to Charritos…an absolutely delish Mexican restaurant in Hoboken.  The little closet size downtown location is completely packed, despite it still being early, so we leave our name to endure the 40min wait.  Luckily, they have this fantastic system where you give them your cell number so you can go on living your life while you wait for your table to be ready instead of sitting around trying to pass the time while you are tortured by the smell of delicious food. Charritos, my tummy thanks you.

We took this as our cue to hop over to Whiskey Bar (yes, we do love this place) and grab a couple of beers while we wait.  I grab a high top towards the back while MJ grabs some beers.  As we all settle down and get to talking the blog comes up which then leads to conversation about dating.  (this is what I mentioned in my post on Monday)  I will most definitely be posting about all those topics and maybe a few more because this chat was awesome…just the flow of it, the perspectives we all had and the questions the girls were asking.  I was thoroughly enjoying it.  

Then to snap us back to reality this guy pops up at our table with a huge grin on his face and flashes a Jenga piece at us.  “I have to hug a random stranger” Say what?  I think the girls did a double take just as quick as I did.  He spoke so fast and had so much pep we all just had to laugh.  He was playing drunken Jenga (where you write really stupid shit for people to do on each piece) and the piece he just pulled said he had to hug a random stranger.  So after he marches over to give me a hug (yes, I was the chosen one) he invites us to join them in the game.  We clearly weren’t moving so the fun was brought to us, as it should be.  The game is quickly set up, we make 3 new friends and despite our desire to start gnawing on the jenga pieces to keep our hunger at bay we were slightly disappointed when we got the call our table was ready…so much so that we stayed to finish the game and our beers with a promise to come back for round 2.

Dinner was fantastic, as expected, and we even got to listen in on what we eventually determined to be a 3rd or 4th date…you are practically sitting on the lap of the person next to you in this place so you really can’t help but overhear what people are saying…not that I’m above listening in even if we weren’t.  The wine we brought (which I had forgot at the bar and had to run back for…rookie mistake) was for Sangria.  We brought white and red.  Charittos will whip you up delish pitchers of Sangria if you bring wine…aaahhhh-mazing.  We got through the first and they brought out the second but before we even got to pour it they told us we couldn't drink it.  Due to a high volume of people waiting for tables we needed to get going. Sad.  We were told they would gladly take the cost of the pitcher and the bottle of wine we brought off the bill if we didn’t mind taking the Sangria to go.  Umm…free Sangria??? Don’t have to twist my arm.  During dinner I had been texting with Gryph who saw I was in Hoboken from foursquare…he totally stalks my life…and wanted to hang out.  So, to-go Sangria in hand we head over to his place.  But before we left I made a declaration…my mission for the night was for all 3 of us to make-out.  Game on.

Eventually we leave and make our way to the Wicked Wolf.  As fate would have it I run into a bunch of friends who were already there.  Before I could even sip my first beer this hot guy Jay comes (literally) stumbling over to me.  He’s there with my friends but I haven’t met him before.  He’s flirting, I’m flirting but I can’t help but notice how we are on completely different levels of drunk.  It’s hard enough to talk to someone in a bar, add to that the fact that he’s wasted and it becomes quite the challenge.  But as we keep talking I am able to make out that he’s smart, definitely in shape (yes, I felt up his arms), has a good job and according to my friends he wanted to talk to me from the second I walked in (score).  

And now the bad part…he’s 5yrs younger than me.  I almost choked on my beer when he told me.  When I made him try to guess my age he swore that it’s impossible for me to be over 25...impossible except for the fact that I am.  I could tell he was really surprised when I finally let my real age slip but it didn’t turn him off.  He really wanted to hang out with me.  He tried everything…trying to get me to dance, buy me a drink, talk to my girls.  I give him a lot of credit.  And honestly, if he wasn’t so young I would have had a hard time keeping my lips off his.  In hindsight, what is a few years when you’re having fun?  Its not like I had to marry him.

We decide to head back to Whiskey Bar (notice a pattern?) and this is where the fun begins.  I see this hot guy standing against the wall…I must have been staring because I notice his wingman point over in my direction.  And as a good wingman would do he soon makes his way over to break the ice.  Soon enough we are all introduced and Bobby and I are chatting.  I find out we live about 10min from each other which is nice and we get the where did you go to school, what do you do stuff out of the way.  We start dancing and I’m impressed that he actually has some skill…I love a guy who can dance.  I also realize just how tall and big he is…I’m only 5’4” and had heels on yet when I went to put my arms around him to dance (which I could barely do because of his oh-so-muscular arms/shoulders…sigh) I have to completely crane my neck to see his face.  Just my type.  

Then the moment comes…you know the one where you feel his hands go to the small of your back…your eyes are locked and you both feel the pull of your faces towards one another…I love that moment.  The anticipation, the unknown, the excitement.  We kiss.  And he is just the sweetest kisser…you can tell he is a complete gentleman, its kind of adorable.  Then he grabs my hand and askes me if I would mind going outside.  He wanted the opportunity to talk to me and ask me for my number in a more quiet, intimate atmosphere...yes, I know...aawww.  At this point A-bomb had already disappeared outside with a boy (I was assuming at this point 2 out of 3 have made out) and I felt bad to leave MJ but she encouraged me to go.

At the door the bouncer threatened us that if we leave we can’t come back…so we settle off to the side instead.  A few more kisses and my phone number safely stored in his cell we head back towards our friends.  And what do I find?!?  MJ…locked in a serious kiss with some guy.  Was I gone that long?!?!  She wasn't talking to anyone when I left her!  I’m so proud I nearly shrieked and jumped with excitement.  I can tell she’s having a hard time pulling herself away and it’s just fantastic.  But unfortunately we are kicked out of the bar and all is over.

The Juicy Details:  Well, my wish came true.  We all made out…and we all enjoyed it.  Turns out MJ’s boy was just that…he was 23…ironic right???  Such a cougar!!  She raved about what an amazing kisser he was…perhaps age has something to do with it?  Kids these days with their amazing kisses.  A-bomb ditched us while we went to get pizza and headed back to her place to prepare for our arrival.  Bobby and his boys followed us to the pizza place (uninvited) which for some reason bugged me at the time.  This in turn caused me to be a bit of a snot because I felt like it was a bit too much.  I rushed out of there once our pizza was done and gave him such a cold goodbye I'm sure he could see his breath.  Now that I look back on it I feel bad for being a bitch and kind of wish I could take it back.  I won't be surprised if I dont hear from him.  Fail.


  1. There's nothing wrong with a guy being 5 (or 6) years younger I say. Not that I speak from experience, or that I made out with a 24 year old this weekend, or anything at all.

    It's a great night when everyone reaches their goals :P

  2. It absolutely is!!!

    And congrats on that thing that didn't really, maybe, possibly happen ;) you go girl!

  3. 5 years younger is nothing. I'm currently dating a guy 16 years older than me. Depends on maturity level I think.

  4. Haha CF, I made out with a 21 year old last weekend in AC and totally have a crush on him. I know him and he happens to be more mature then most 27 year olds I meet.

  5. P.S. Its Katie - I can't figure out how to change my display name.

  6. That sounds like soooo much fun! I haven't been out with single ladies in awhile, but whenever I do go out with the girls, I love the "we're all making out tonight" pact. And I think you're on to something where younger guys are concerned. I had a fake bf for a while and he was a good 5 years younger than me and HOLY HOTNESS--good kisser, good everythinger. LOL! Didn't hurt that he was a NYC firefighter. *swoon*

    I am loving your adventures. Possibly b/c I also live in Hoboken, so it's fun for me to stop in here and read what other folks are doing in our neck of the woods :)