Monday, March 7, 2011

Express Yourself...

Back in November I went off to Ireland and left my blog in the dust while I was off drinking, sightseeing and flirting with hot Irish men!  I would apologize...but I'm not sorry.  I do feel somewhat guilty though.

So, next week while Patches & I are down in beautiful Mexico I'd love to provide you with some entertainment...well I guess really I'd love for you to provide yourselves with some entertainment.  

In other words, my lazy I'm already in vacay mode ass, wants some guest posts I can put up during the week while I'm away.  (Actually, I may end up forcing my sister to do it but really who is keeping track anyway?)

I know you have all been dreaming of the opportunity to post here on Daterview so now is your big chance.  I was thinking it would be fun and appropriate if you write in with your best/funniest/sexiest/horrific vacation hook-up/dating/break-up/etc stories!

Send me an email and let me know you want to post...or throw a comment on this post and we'll set it up!!  I can't wait to see what you've got....and hopefully I'll have stories just as good or if not better when I return.  (Don't worry, I'll still be posting till I leave on sunday)



  1. Oh I'm so all over this. I'll be sending an email for sure.

  2. Ha! I just read YOUR guest post over at Be Awesome Instead! You rock! :)

  3. Mexico?? WTF! I hate you.

    I think you know why (though, since it's mid-March, I'm actually getting better).

    If you still need some help, I'd probably be willing to do something. I normally don't like guest-post action, but I got some extra time!

    holler at me, otherwise have a great vacay!

    Later, gator.

  4. Also, you could just have your sister post the "it's friday" video every day. That's entertaining.

  5. Oh God. Do NOT let Caleb post. He'll scare your followers away! Or you'll find yourself with 90 more. Its 50/50 really.